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Simple Letters


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These are just simple letters but they have profound meaning in them

Published in: Spiritual
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Simple Letters

  2. 2. LIFE – 4 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet so Complicated
  3. 3. DESTINY – 7 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet so Unpredictable
  4. 4. FEELINGS – 8 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet so Unexplainable
  5. 5. WORDS – 5 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet there aren’t enough to Express
  6. 6. SILENCE – 7 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet it can be so Loud
  7. 7. TIME – 4 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet there is never Enough
  8. 8. SADNESS – 7 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet it lingers Everywhere
  9. 9. MISTAKES – 8 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet they can never be Erased
  10. 10. BEAUTY – 6 SIMPLE LETTERS Yet it is so hard to See
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