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Andrey ShabarovE-mail: shabarovav@rambler.ruPhone: +7 (915) 492-61-40PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:12.2010 -PresentDirector of t...
Responsibilities:• Creating a unit and carrying out an analytical study of the potential business growth• Developing strat...
in Business integration, Reorganization, Turn-around and Anti Crisis management. Good understanding ofintegral business st...
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A shabarov cv_en

  1. 1. Andrey ShabarovE-mail: shabarovav@rambler.ruPhone: +7 (915) 492-61-40PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:12.2010 -PresentDirector of the Banking ClubResponsibility:• Controlling, coaching• To organize seminars held by prominent foreign and Russian experts in the field of investment banking, riskmanagement, financial markets infrastructure, leadership in global corporations etc.The most important projects:• «The global financial crisis and the world monetary system: the US Dollar Position and Role, prospects»(project represents the Russian Federation and the HSE Banking Institute at the International Competition inFrance)• Research the Basel 3 (expected impact of the new requirements to the structure and quality of bank capital,new standards of liquidity management, the introduction of methods for assessing liquidity, new disclosurerequirements, regulation of systemically important financial institutions, the full coverage of the risks,account of the "non-linear" risks, unaddressed questions, the recommendations)• Investigation of the Dodd-Frank Act (requirements, consequences, complexity)• IT&HR strategy of development (level up of IT (cloud, hybrid systems and calculations on GPU), identifythe impact of new quality of IT to the business; Shows the evolution of corporate systems, to analyzeintellectual, human, customer capital; show the role of emotional intelligence of employees in customerrelations)• Organizing the project to prepare the development strategy of the bank (setting goals, objectives,identification of approaches, diagnosis of the bank and of the environment, a description of the sequence ofoperations, analysis and identification of strategic alternatives, determining the composition of the projectteam)Achievements:New team of professionals has been created. The project «The global financial crisis and the world monetarysystem: the US Dollar Position and Role, prospects» represents the Russian Federation and the HSE BankingInstitute at the 29th International Competition on Economics and Finance in France. I offer reasoned solutionsand answers to the problems in the field of: Basel III, Dodd-Frank Act, innovative information technology,investment banking, risk management etc.12.2009 –03.2011Head of department of 11 people, "Sberbank of Russia", Khimki branchResponsibility:• Business Development (IT), business continuity full time• Management of introduction of a new Automated Banking System at the Khimki branch and other branches• Business Processes optimization; Management of infrastructure modernization• Controlling and budgeting (IT), coachingThe most important projects:• Implementation of a new automated banking system (ERP)• Introduction of KPI and the new mode of operation of IT• Participation in the global project to increase the branch networkAchievements:• Opened: 8 new branches, including a branch at commercial center Rolf-Khimki• Installed: New Automated Banking System at 308 work places• Provided: integrated access to back office functions, centralization of all back office functions, single andintegrated sales channels (branches, self-service points, Internet, mobile phones, etc.), centralization ofclient data with a possibility of detailed analysis• Contracts for complex technical service of computers and specialized banking equipment have been signed(run-time work no more than 8 hours after receipt of the application)• Support for functionality of reserved command center of Srednerussky bank in case of emergency inMoscow has been provided (a guarantee to ensure 240 workplaces within 24 hours)• Provided: stable protected communication channels at branches and service points• Computer park has been fully modernized and a new cable system has been created to connect more than500 users• Organizational structure of the staff has been changed, KPIs system for department personnel and aspecialized time behavior for department (16/7) have been introduced, training have been organized03.2004 -12.2009Head of the Division of perspective directions of development of business of 8 people, “Energomash namedafter academician V.P.Glushko”
  2. 2. Responsibilities:• Creating a unit and carrying out an analytical study of the potential business growth• Developing strategy and a model organization• Management of the introduction of innovative technologies and systems to achieve the strategic and tacticalgoals of the business plan• Management of cohesive team of expert consultants in full: selection, training, setting targets, monitoringperformance. Budgeting, accounting, organization and conduct of negotiationsThe most important projects• Implementation of the corporate information systems (PLM), which consist of the Automated financialmanagement system - economic bloc (planning, budgeting and analysis) and accountants, the Automatedcontrol system design documentation, the Remote system of displaying information, the Automatedmanagement system and production planning, CRM - (requirements Lockheed Martin Corporation)• Implementation of a new commercial supercomputer center with capacity of 7 TFLOPS per second (HPC -High-performance computing)• Implementation of a new technology of stereo lithography (3D printing - technology used for producingmodels, prototypes, patterns and production parts)Achievements:• New division has been created from "zero". An analytical study about the potential business growth hasbeen conducted. A model of the organization and development Strategy were created.• The corporate information system has been introduced on the basis of a new model of organization togetherwith RUSLAN Communications• Together with Russian holding “T-Platforms” commercial supercomputer center to perform resource-intensive calculations with capacity of 7 TFLOPS per second has been developed and put into operation• New innovation technology of stereo lithography has been implemented• Due to implementing new development strategy and as a result of implementation of the new corporateinformation system, commercial supercomputer center and innovation technology of stereo lithography anumber of personnel has been optimized from 6500 down to 3500 people within the period of 5 years. Theproduction speed has reached its technological maximum. The holding started to manufacture new productsfor oil and gas industry. The enterprise profit has increased 1.5 times.09.1999 –03.2004Design engineer, “Energomash named after academician V.P.Glushko”Responsibility:• Implementation of a new software for the analysis of the recorded values of the parameters to test rocketengines• Analysis of the recorded parameters in tests of rocket engines, data collection and analysis of statistics• Support of start-up procedure of the customer launch vehicles Lockheed Martin CorporationThe most important projects• Implementation of a new software for the analysis (exploratory data analysis (EDA), confirmatory dataanalysis (CDA), Predictive analytics)Achievements:• Introducing a new innovative software for the analysis of the results of tests of rocket engines made itpossible to conduct the test data in real time• Provided customer support launch boosters Lockheed Martin Corporation, engines are the first steps haveworked successfully in normal mode timelineIn 2000 courses "Network administration and technologies to manage life cycle of the product" were organized.In 2004 due to high professional reputation I was the first to be accepted into the team of experts of businessdevelopment divisionEducation:2013 – 20132010 – 2012Thomson Reuters Academy, Market Analytics & Trading Software, Thomson Reuters Eikon certification"National Research University - Higher School of Economics", MBA "Finance and Banking", Nuffic certificate1993 – 1999 Russian State Technological University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky (MATI), department of physics. Opticalelectronics.Supplementary education:2009- 2010 International BKC School, English language courses02.2000– 04.2000 State University of Aerospace Technology (MAI), courses "Technologies to manage life cycle of the product"Additional information:Languages: English - fluentComputer: ProfessionalStrengths: 9+ years of effective management experience gained within leading financial institution and Industrial. Stronginterpersonal and influencing skills, with the ability to establish credibility and strong partnership with seniorbusiness partners; strategic agility; strategic thinking, leadership; results oriented; innovative. Wide experience
  3. 3. in Business integration, Reorganization, Turn-around and Anti Crisis management. Good understanding ofintegral business structure including Production, Sales, Marketing, Research & Development, Supply Base /Supply Chain, Finance & Accounting, Profit & Loss. Deeper understanding and experience of applicationinnovative techniques for providing the profitability and growth dynamics of the Bank provided to increase itsfinancial stability and capitalization, includes: strengthening the competitive position of the Banks businessdiversification and the Banks risks to expand its client base and increase the range and quality of servicesprovided, improved financial performance of the Bank, efficiency rating by indicators of investmentattractiveness and effectiveness of management ROE, EPS, DPS, P/E, ROA, ROIC, D/E, RAROC, LCR,NSFR. High analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills and the ability to manage severalsimultaneous projects: preparation, start-up, the development of modern industries in the term established in thebudget with a high level of personal expertise in the technical side of the projects. Good experience of teamsadministration and people management. Self starter and strongly motivated to achieve higher standards in time.Ability to deliver high quality results as part of a geographically dispersed global compliance team. Highexperience in negotiating on different levels; Cooperation with State organizations and Representatives.University graduate, МВАMarital status: SingleDate of birth: 15.05.1976Recommendations: Upon request