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i hope this is very useful for an english teacher

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  1. 1. By Desi susilawati,S.Pd
  2. 2. 1/9/2012 copyright 2006 2
  3. 3. 1/9/2012 copyright 2006 3
  4. 4. 1/9/2012 copyright 2006 4
  5. 5. Answer the questions : 1. What are the people doing? 2. What is she/he probably saying? 3. How is the man/women responding?1/9/2012 copyright 2006 5
  6. 6. Read the following dialogue ! Slamet : Candra, I’ve got a news for you. Candra : Good news ? What’s that Slamet ? Slamet : Congratulation! You’ve got a scholarship to study in Singapore! Candra : Really? Thank you. But … how did you know it? Slamet : Our principal told me about it. Now he is waiting for you in his office.He wants to tell you the news in person. Candra : Thanks God. I still can’t believe it is true. You know, many smart and talented students competed in getting the scholarship. Slamet : Maybe you’re right, but you just deserve it. You are the best student in this school Candra : Thank you.1/9/2012 copyright 2006 6
  7. 7. Answer the questions based on the dialogue above ! 1. What is the dialogue about ? 2. Where does the dialogue possibly take place? 3. Why does the principal wait for Candra in his office? 4. What does Candra feel when he heard the news? Why? 5. Slamet says,’you are the best student in this school.” What does it mean?1/9/2012 copyright 2006 7
  8. 8. Thanking ?1/9/2012 copyright 2006 8
  9. 9. When someones gives you something • Thanking • Responses - Thanks (a lot). - You are welcome. - Thank you very much - No problem. (followed by): - It’s very nice/ - It’s OK/alright. beautiful. - Don’t mention it. - It’s just what I want. - I’m glad you like it - But you really didn’t have to / You shouldn’t have (if the gift is not1/9/2012 copyright 2006 9
  10. 10. When someone does a favor or helps you Thanking Responses - Thanks (a lot) for your help. • You are welcome. - Thanks (a lot) for helping me. • No problem. - I really appreciate your help. • That’s OK/ alright. - It was very kind of you to • Never mind. help • Forget it. me. • Any time. - I’m very grateful to you for • Think nothing of it. your • I’m glad I could help. visit. • Don’t mention it. - I’m very grateful to you for • It was my pleasure/ My inviting me. pleasure.1/9/2012 copyright • - It’s no trouble at all. 2006 10
  11. 11. 1/9/2012 copyright 2006 11
  12. 12. COMPLIMENT -You are such a nice boy. -You are such a nice girl. -You are my best friend. -You are a great mom. I love you. -You are a great dad. I love you. -You are such a wonderful person. -You’ve given me so much help. -You’ve shown me great kindness.1/9/2012 copyright 2006 12
  13. 13. In pairs, have a short dialogue with your classmate. Use expressions of thanking and responding to thanks. 1. You thank your classmate for picking you up while your brother was still working. 2. You thank your mother for cooking your favourite cake. 3. You thank your classmate for accompanying you to buy a book of foreign folktales. 4. You thank your sister for helping you take care of your novel collection.1/9/2012 copyright 2006 13
  14. 14. Cult In the United ural Kingdom, whenever you have been a guest in a Tips home, you should defenitely send a handwritten thank-you note. Indeed, it is a thoughtful gesture to thank your hosts in writing for any hospitality, even a short drinks party.1/9/2012 copyright 2006 14
  15. 15. Thank you HAVE A GOOD DAY GUYS1/9/2012 copyright 2006 15