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Streams are Awesome - (Node.js) TimesOpen Sep 2012


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Streams are Awesome - (Node.js) TimesOpen Sep 2012

  1. Streams are awesome.@sh1mmer
  2. Tom Hughes-Croucher @sh1mmer
  3. Scalable Server-Side Code with JavaScript Node Up and Running Tom Hughes-Croucher
  4. Client → ServerServer → DB Computation Computation@sh1mmer
  5. Non event-driven frontend@sh1mmer
  6. @sh1mmer
  7. Server@sh1mmer
  8. Request@sh1mmer
  9. @sh1mmer
  10. Event-driven frontend@sh1mmer
  11. Place- holder@sh1mmer
  12. @sh1mmer
  13. Shared WorkResources@sh1mmer
  14. Memory operations@sh1mmer
  15. var x = "I am a string" ~1ns Running 1 instruction 2ns Data from l1 cpu cache 5ns Data from l2 cpu cache 80ns Data from ram@sh1mmer
  16. @sh1mmer
  17. Mobile data latency@sh1mmer
  18. @sh1mmer
  19. 100 Blue Whales Cat@sh1mmer
  20. Node.js Streams@sh1mmer
  21. Streams• Readable • Pause • Resume • data event• Writable • Write• Pipe
  22. Event Loop Fail add-ons v8 libuv libev iocp
  23. nextTick Event Loop FailnextTick Run stuff TCP Conn FS Read add-ons v8 TCP Conn v8 func libuv v8 TCP func Conn libev iocp v8 FS func Read FS Read
  24. stream.pause()@sh1mmer
  25. nextTick Event Loop FailnextTick stream.pause() TCP Conn FS Read add-ons v8 TCP Conn v8 func libuv v8 TCP func Conn libev iocp v8 FS func Read FS Read
  26. New Streams• Writable • Same (hooray!)• Readable • Configure buffer waterline • readable event • read(len) -> returns data• Pipe • Doesnt mix with direct access
  27. Node.js Domains@sh1mmer
  28. var d = domain.create(); function readSomeFile(filename, cb) { fs.readFile(filename, utf8, d.bind(function(er, data) { // if this throws, it will also be passed to the domain return cb(er, data ? JSON.parse(data) : null); })); } d.on(error, function(er) { // an error occurred somewhere. // if we throw it now, it will crash the program // with the normal line number and stack message. });@sh1mmer
  29. Questions!@sh1mmer