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Coasts trabajo de sergio gutierrez


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Coasts trabajo de sergio gutierrez

  1. 1. Coastal Erosion -Hydraulic action: The waves trap and compress air in cracks and holes in a cliff -Corrasion: Large waves hurling beach material against the cliff -Attrition: When waves cause rocks and pebbles on the beach to bump into each other and to break down in size -Corrosion: Cliff is slowly dissolved by acids in the seawater
  2. 2. -Is the most widespread coastal deposition feature
  3. 3. -The natural rate of cliff erosion can be accelerated by human activity. There are arguments for and against trying to protect cliffs from erosion. -Occurs when the level of the sea rises rapidly to a height well above that which was predicted.
  4. 4. 1-Land behind the coastline is flat and low-lying 2-Severe storms can cause exceptionally high waves and create storm surges 3-Very high tides can flood areas that are not protected either naturally (by sand dunes) or artificially (by sea-walls) 4-Global warming is causing sea-level to rise, so increasing the flood risk in many low-lying coastal areas around the world
  5. 5. Precautions in Coastal Flooding