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Writing a review presentation


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Writing a review presentation

  1. 1. Tsotsi Film ReviewGCSE Film Studies
  2. 2. Lesson ObjectiveResearch and write a film review about the filmTsotsi• This will help you respond to these types ofquestions in the exam:• Briefly summarise what the film says about your chosentheme or issue• Choose another character who is in conflict with the maincharacter. How does this film show conflict?• Choose one important scene from your close study film.Explore how the film represents its key issue or debate
  3. 3. Writing a Review
  4. 4. Visit
  5. 5.• Conduct research for review, including:• story• stills• clips• character profiles• synopsis• biographies of the cast and crew• music• other reviews• awards• Anything else that you feel is relevant
  6. 6. Questions to Consider1. Is the film entertaining? Why? How?2. Is it thought provoking? What issues does it raise? Does it offer simpleanswers or does it leave lots unanswered and therefore up fordiscussion?3. In the original novella from which this film is adapted, Tsotsi was in histhirties. Do you think it was a sensible idea to make the lead charactermuch younger in this screen version?4. In interviews the director Gavin Hood stresses the importance ofallowing the actors to speak in the township dialect they know. Thismeans the film may be less commercially successful as the presence ofsubtitles can be challenging for audiences, but Hood argues, it meansthe actor’s performances feel more authentic and energetic – what doyou feel? Also note how little dialogue the film actually contains really.
  7. 7. Questions to Consider5. Discuss the importance of the music – how is it like a character in the film?6. The film is beautifully shot by director of photographer Lance Dewer – are thereany moments from the film which seemed especially beautiful – consider forexample, the way the challenge of filming at night is overcome or the waycertain shots are lit for example the ones in Tsotsi’s room when he is with thechild.7. What about the actor’s performances? Do you think any particularly needsingling out for praise? In some ways the characters they play are distinct types,but do they manage to invest real humanity or depth into them? Are there anykey scenes that stand out for you?8. In the end would you recommend it to others? What did you get from seeing it?Remember to refer to the people involved in the film by name.
  8. 8. Homework• Complete your review and submit to Simon onFriday! (3rd May)• Make sure to email us if you have any issueswith completing this task before Friday