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Revision 3


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Revision 3

  1. 1. Today• Recap the Superhero exam• Recap some key terms and C&C• Practice note taking during screenings• Start to answer some questions and peerassess
  2. 2. But first...Quick Tsotsi recap• Name all the maincharacters• What is one reoccurringmotif in the film?• What are the key themes?• What are the key imagesused in this poster andwhy?
  4. 4. QUESTION ONEIs about Film Language and how It communicatesto the audienceMake sure you know your film terminology for allthe MICRO FEATURESCINEMATOGRAPHYSOUNDEDITINGMISE-EN-SCENETHEY CAN ALSO ASK YOU ABOUT SPECIAL EFFECTSUse the whiteboards to writeanswers down silently, testyour answers with thosearound you
  5. 5. QUESTION TWO & THREEWill usually be about TYPICAL FEATURES thismeans codes and conventions. You willneed to apply this knowledge to the film clipAND MAYBE another Superhero Film of yourchoiceWhat are the seven key areas that fit underC&C?Use the whiteboards to write answers downsilently, test your answers with those aroundyou
  6. 6. QUESTION FOURWill be a creative question you will mostprobably have to use your imaginations and ordesign something. So it will be useful to havecolouring pencils.You could be asked to come up with an ideafor a brand new Superhero film, write areview, create a marketing package...You have 20 minutes to briefly outline yourfilm idea (plot), list and justify main stars,director, producer etc and state what theclimax of the film is and how SFX are used tohelp engage the audience at the climax
  7. 7. Timed questions• Watch the extract three times, make notesfrom the second time on:• C&C – all areas!• Narrative• Micro• Macro• Ideology
  8. 8. Question 1 – 10 marks = 10 minutes• 1a. Identify one type of SOUND used (1)• 1b. Why is it used? (1)• 1c How are two of the following used togenerate audience interest in this trailer? (8)soundeditingmise-en-scènecolour and lighting?
  9. 9. Question 1 – Marking grid• 1a. Identify one type of SOUND used (1) Correctterminology needed• 1b. Why is it used? (1) Plausible explanation• 1c How are two of the following used to generate audienceinterest in this trailer? (8)For each feature; 1 marks for correctly identifying a microelement used, 2 marks for adequate description, 3 marksfor detailed description and explanation in line withquestion, 4 marks for excellent response with specific focusand good written commssoundeditingmise-en-scènecolour and lighting?
  10. 10. Question 2 – 10 marks = 10 minutes• 2.a Identify one typical super hero movie .theme or issue used in this extract (1)• (b) What makes this theme or issue typical?(3)• (c) Explain how this type of theme or issue isused in one other Super Hero movie you havestudied. (6)
  11. 11. Question 2 – Marking Grid• 2.a Identify one typical super hero movie . theme or issue used inthis extract (1) Point for correctly identifying• (b) What makes this theme or issue typical? (3)Basic explanation of why it is typical. 1• Adequate explanation with some detail. 2• Good detailed explanation. 3• (c) Explain how this type of theme or issue is used in one otherSuper Hero movie you have studied.(6)• Basic explanation. Written communication basic but sufficiently• accurate to make meaning clear.1-2• Adequate explanation. Written communication limited butsufficiently accurate to make meaning clear. 3-4• Good explanation. Written communication clear and accurate. 5-6
  12. 12. Recap