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GCSE Film Language - basic representation and stereotyping

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  1. 1. Representation GCSE FILM
  2. 2. Representation• is all about how different people, places and events are shown with the film. Think about it like the film is re-presenting (showing something a second time) something/someone/somewhere to its audience. It exists in the real world but the act of putting it on screen changes how people think about it Can you think of any examples of where movies have changed how you think about something or simply given you an opinion when you had none before?
  3. 3. Stereotype• Stereotype is an over-simplified representation of something• They can reinforce our beliefs about things/peopleList all the stereotypes you know? - are any positive?
  4. 4. • What kind of stereotypes are suggested by these images?• Are there stereotypes about ideas and the way people act as well as the people themselves?
  5. 5. Archetypes• Archetypes are like stereotypes but are extremely recognisable as well as over simple• Often they have been represented like this for a long time and are like myths or legends