Preparing your pitch


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Preparing your pitch

  1. 1. Preparing for the Pitch GCSE Film Studies
  2. 2. •Logline Pitch •150 word overview •Screenplay •or Pre- Production •Storyboard •Poster Campaign •or Production • Magazine Feature •350-750 written analysis Evaluative AnalysisOverview of Assignment
  3. 3.  You need to make reference to: oThe narrative of your film oHow your narrative relates to genre conventions o Refer to at least one other film to illustrate conventions oYour main characters and who might play them oYour potential audience oHow your idea will be successful
  4. 4.  Characters  Who is the main character? What is their goal? Conflict  Who is the villain of your film? Distinction  What makes your film different? Setting  What is time period and setting? Action  What drives the narrative forward?All this should work within thecodes and conventions of theHORROR genre
  5. 5.  Download this presentation from the blog, save it to a memory stick and fill in the blanks. You must have this completed for John’s class on Monday
  6. 6.  List the SUB-GENRES of horror belowWhich is your favourite? This isthe one you are working with....
  7. 7.  Find 3 more key PROPS from your sub- genre of HorrorWrite in here why these areconventional?
  8. 8.  Find 3 more key settings from your sub- genre of horrorWrite in here why these areconventional?
  9. 9.  Find 3 key villains and list their motivations here Crazy possessed girl from evil dead, wants to kill everyone as demons have been released from The Book of the dead
  10. 10.  Find 3 different and key character types and list their goals here Main character in Evil Dead (played by Bruce Campbell), starts out as an ordinary guy but becomes courageous and heroic (and a bit crazy) as he battles demons
  11. 11. You might need this slide to listcontinue listing charcters....
  12. 12.  Now think of three contemporary actors who have played similar character types and/or been in horror films Jack Nicolson has been in horror before and he is also good at playing the scary and crazy bad guy, he is also very famous and will have a predetermined fan base, but he is a bit old for the target audience of 16-30’s
  13. 13. You might need this slide to listcontinue finding actors....
  14. 14.  Research the pitch or synopsis from 3 films from your sub-genre of horror (use IMDB) and list main points of action hereWrite in here why these areconventional?
  15. 15. You might need this slide to listcontinue listing the narratives....
  16. 16.  Find 3 more movie posters from your sub- genre of horror and analyse briefly like this • Lists the actors and director • Red suggests danger • Font of Psycho suggests something has gone wrong or is broken • Tag line shows the film is new and exciting
  17. 17. You might need this slide to listcontinue analysing the posters....
  18. 18. You might need this slide to listcontinue analysing the posters....
  19. 19.  Now put these individual elements all together i.e. Crazed killer possessed by demons Action happens in isolated location Hero must fight his fears as well as the villain Villain gets possessed, starts killing, hero stops him before he reaches the orphanage Ryan Gosling as hero and Jack Nicolson as villain My movie is different because possession comes in the form of the roman god of war Mars Directed by Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm St, Scream)This must be complete for John onMonday – print and bring