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Narrative lesson


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GCSE Film narrative lesson

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Narrative lesson

  1. 1. GCSE FILMNarrative and Plot
  2. 2. Narrative• Narrative is the story• Beginning – middle - endi.e. Peter Parker becomes Spiderman – he battles the Green Goblin – saves the day, gets the girlWhat are some other Superhero film narratives?Are any of them iconic?
  3. 3. Plot• Plot is how the story is constructed, it tells the individual characters stories, often as Sub- Plotsi.e. Peter has always loved Mary-Jane and starts to What are the plots and sub- charm her as Spidey. Peter plots of other Superhero must also deal with his films? guilt over his Uncles death. Etc...
  4. 4. • The term narrative is often confused with the term plot, but theyre not the same thing. If I tell you that the king died, and then the queen died, thats not plot, thats narrative. But, if I tell you that the king died, and then the queen died of grief, thats plot."
  5. 5. • Linear narrative = the structure is in order i.e. beginning, middle, end• Non-linear = out of order i.e. end, middle, beginning• Flashback = characters remember past events to help show audience what happened. Flashbacks are non- linear
  6. 6. • Parallel narratives = two or more characters share different stories centring on the same event• Formulaic = film contains the same codes, conventions and iconography as others in the genre
  7. 7. Task• As a scriptwriter for a major Hollywood studio you are tasked with coming up with a new Superhero Film1. Invent the Origin Story for your hero. Discuss this with a friend, do you keep origin secret from audience or start the film with it?2. Write a brief synopsis for your film. Include details about the narrative and plots