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Line, texture, pattern


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Line, texture, pattern

  1. 1. Line, Texture, Pattern
  2. 2. • Effective images demand attention and communicate feeling • Photographer must utilise elements from art and design • Line, texture and pattern are three main elements • All your images for 1st assignment must contain at least one
  3. 3. Line • lines create depth in a composition • add dynamism to a photo • attract attention to areas of interest • imply motion and create a sense of direction or orientation • lines can be: leading, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved and converging or implied. Each one has a different impact upon a photograph and create a certain mood Alex Majoli .
  4. 4. Nikos Economopoulos Martine Franck
  5. 5. Christopher Anderson W. Eugene Smith
  6. 6. Andres Gursky
  7. 7. ROBERT CAPA icp 405 Near Zhengzhou. June/July, 1938 Henri Cartier Bresson Behind saint-lazaree station, Paris, 1932
  8. 8. Texture • Texture refers to the surface quality or "feel" of an object - smooth, rough, soft, etc. Textures may be actual (felt with touch - tactile) or implied (suggested by the way an artist has created the work of art). Texture is often emphasized in oblique lighting as it strikes the objects from one side. Bill Brandt
  9. 9. Ansel Adams
  10. 10. David Bailey William Henry Fox Talbot
  11. 11. Helen Chadwick
  12. 12. Pattern • Made up of Lines and Shapes. • In colour photography, lines and shapes are often formed entirely by colour. • Patterns exist almost every where. You only have to open your heart and mind to discover them • Emphasis and break up patterns Bruce Webber
  13. 13. William Klien Gregory Crewson
  14. 14. Susan Derges
  15. 15. Gustav Le Gray Alec Soth
  16. 16. Renne Burri David Allen Harvey
  17. 17. Task • Head to the library and begin to research into suitable artists that you feel show the elements as well as that interest you • You should have found at least one and copied/scanned/took the book out (finish as HW if not) • Remember to reference