Externally set assignment 2013.14


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Externally set assignment 2013.14

  1. 1. Externally Set Assignment A2 Photography
  2. 2. Review themes visually Feedback Externally Set Assignment Create visual mind-map Make notes on themes
  3. 3. Recap • Following on from lesson 1; share your research action plan making sure you outline how you will explore/research/investigate your chosen topic • Everyone else be prepared to share your own thoughts i.e. what can they do? How? What methods or techniques? Any artist you would recommend
  4. 4. The Built Environment Bernd & Hilla Becher
  5. 5. Andreas Gursky
  6. 6. Alexander Rodchenko (constructivist)
  7. 7. Fantasy Gregory Crewdson
  8. 8. Annie Leibovitz
  9. 9. Tim Burton (film maker)
  10. 10. Close-up Ernst Haas
  11. 11. Ansal Adams Edward Weston
  12. 12. Thomas Ruff
  13. 13. Family Life Richard Billingham
  14. 14. Peter Menzel
  15. 15. Mary Ellen Mark
  16. 16. Images within Images Lee Friedlander
  17. 17. Dear Photograph Michael Hughes
  18. 18. Fashion Photography Nick Knight
  19. 19. Rankin
  20. 20. David Bailey
  21. 21. The Photo Essay Walker Evans
  22. 22. Robert Franks
  23. 23. Bruce Davidson
  24. 24. Representations of the Human Figure Bill Brandt
  25. 25. Andre Kertesz
  26. 26. Catherine McIntyre
  27. 27. Task 1. 2. 3. 4. Write one of the themes in the middle of a sheet of paper. Circle it. Write down the first word or phrase that comes to mind and circle it. Draw a line connecting the second circle to the first. Repeat. As you write and circle new words and phrases, draw lines back to the last word, the central word, or other words that seem connected. Don’t worry about how they’re connected 5. When you’ve filled the page, cross out words and phrases that seem irrelevant, and begin to impose some order by numbering individual bubbles or clusters. 6. Use the remaining words or phrases to form the outline of a basic ideas shoot. The ones you numbered first are the ones that you should focus on. • Next lesson will see you test these ideas out with an informal shoot so bring cameras • Homework - take your mind maps home and illustrate with appropriate images. Bring back to class for next lesson. Repeat for another theme if you wish
  28. 28. Summary • You have two minutes to write down (silently) one thing you learned about two of the themes discussed. • You will then share this with the class and write down at least one other thing someone else has learned.