Evernote: Portable, Versatile, Functional


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How two teachers at the HCT use Evernote in the class.

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Evernote: Portable, Versatile, Functional

  1. 1. Evernote Portable, Versatile, FunctionalBy Nazila Motahari and Sarah Guite
  2. 2. What is Evernote?An app to save and organize• Notes• Web service• PDF’s• Images• Audios• All these can be imported to Evernote and synced to cloud
  3. 3. • Can be viewed on a mobile device (IPOD, IPAD, mobile phone) or a PC (Mac, Windows)• Notes can be shared with other users for viewing or modifying.
  4. 4. How to set up an account• PC• www.evernote.com
  5. 5. • IPAD• App store• Log in• Ready to go!
  6. 6. How to set up Notebooks• This needs to be done on the Laptop• Create one Notebook for each student in your section.• Note: you will automatically have a notebook created for you by default.
  7. 7. PC View
  8. 8. IPAD View
  9. 9. IPAD View
  10. 10. How to Stack Notebooks• Notebooks can be organized as a stack for ease of viewing. E.g. Section 22 Notebooks.• This needs to be done on the laptop
  11. 11. How to add attachments, images or videos• On PC, by adding “Attachments
  12. 12. • On IPAD, click the “+” for a new note,• Add photos, audios or use the camera to take a photo and add to the notes.
  13. 13. How to share notebooks with Students• You can share each notebook with each student and your co-teacher(s).• Note: You must have a Premium Version if you want your students to modify or add notes to the notebooks.($ 5 a month!). Students do not need to have a premium to modify or add notes.
  14. 14. How to share notebooks with Students• Students download Evernote app before you share your notebooks with them.• They receive an email invitation from Evernote about the shared notebook• They need to “Verify” and “Accept/Authorize” the invitation.
  15. 15. Apps that work with Evernote• Explain Everything• Pocket/Zite• Notes• Skitch• And more…..
  16. 16. Evernote + Explain Everything• Export the finished movie by selecting the video camera.• Choose Evernote as your export option.
  17. 17. Evernote + Explain Everything• Compression takes a few minutes.• Choose destination folder and upload.• Enter the name of the movie.
  18. 18. Evernote + The EE Video appears as a link. It will open Explain in your iPad/computer. Everything• Your Explain Everything video will be added to the destination folder.• It is added as a link (the file is not directly embedded into Evernote).
  19. 19. Evernote + SkitchEvernote has Use the same login andacquired Skitch. password with both.
  20. 20. Skitch View• Skitch is used to annotate over images.• The image could be students’ work, an assignment or a diagram.
  21. 21. Evernote View• Once an image is saved in Skitch, it is The Skitch folder in automatically saved Evernote will show all in a Skitch Folder in the images that you Evernote. annotated in Skitch.• No extra steps are needed.
  22. 22. Evernote + Skitch• There are two ways to move a note around after you have used Skitch to annotate.• #1: use the LAPTOP version of Evernote to move or copy the note from the Skitch notebook to another notebook.• #2 : use the Skitch settings to specify which notebook Skitch should save to (see image on right).
  23. 23. Send emails to Evernote• On your LAPTOP view, there will be an Evernote Elephant icon.• Send individual emails, along with attachments, to a notebook that you specify.• Choose your tags• Attachments are saved as links.
  24. 24. Rapid Book Creator• All student work/writing portfolios can be imported into eBooks which can be read by any epub reader.
  25. 25. Evernote Tags Search Notes Using Tags: iPad View• In iPad view, choose the “Tags” folder.• All documents and images will be assigned tags according to their title, and according to tags that you can specify.
  26. 26. Search Notes Using Tags: iPad View
  27. 27. Search Notes Using Tags:Laptop View
  28. 28. Import OneNote Notebooks to Evernote• This must be done on the LAPTOP• File – Import – Microsoft OneNote• All pages will import but will be organized by date created.• Will lose sections and subheadings.• Can re-arrange notes into a new Evernote notebook.
  29. 29. Can Evernote be used by students to create learning portfolios?• Utilize the portability of the iPad.• Capture images, record audio and annotate websites and photos, all in one place.• Collaborate on projects.• Create Explain Everything videos and store in Evernote.• Reflect on learning activities: record conversations about work and artifacts stored in Evernote.• Make an eBook out of an Evernote notebook.
  30. 30. Evernote Application in Class• Writing Portfolio• Audio journals• Reading Portfolio• Lesson/project notes• Picture diary/Mindmaps
  31. 31. Evernote for planning, applying knowledge and synthesizing information
  32. 32. Drawbacks??• Paid version• Not easy to annotate• Shared folders cannot be used for adding files from other apps
  33. 33. Evernote Discussion
  34. 34. Would you like to learn more?Blooms Taxonomy in the 21st CenturyePortfolio slideshare, by Dr. Helen C. BarrettHow to create a portfolio in EvernoteReally useful videos about EvernoteExcellent Video on how to connect ExplainEverything and Evernote