A 1st amphibious reconnaissance 1940


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  • The men of 5 th Corps Reconnaissance Pacific Fleet Force
  • A 1st amphibious reconnaissance 1940

    1. 1. Force Recon Assoc, 2002 Amphib- 1940s WW-2
    2. 2. Officers Commanding Officer---- Maj, James Logan Jones Executive Officer----Maj, E.R. Marquart “ A” Company C/O----Capt, M.W. Silverthorn “ B” Company C/O---- 1 st /Lt R.E. Corey Reconnaissance Co, V Amphib Corps PAC later Changed to 1 st Amphibious Reconnaissance Bn/Co
    3. 3. These pictures are of those men who Fought in the Pacific Islands and served with the First Amphibious Reconnaissance Group at the beginning of WW-2 Some of these men Still attend our reunions of the Force Recon Association ,This is their Story and we in Force Recon Assoc, hope to preserve it.
    4. 8. I would like to thank those that have provided Pictures & Text materials so that the history of how it all began will be seen by all. Lt/Commander , Ray W. Stubbe His Manuscript “AARUGHA” is about the History and start of the Fleet Marine Force Amphibious Reconnaissance, & today's “ Force Recon Units” Also for letting me copy their Scrap Books from WW-2, I would like to thank The Family of Gy/Sgt, Samuel F. Lanford & Cpl, John W. Schiller Jr. For without the pictures this would not have been started Thank you all for your Assistance , Wayne Pilny
    5. 9. “ OBSERVER GROUP” The next step in the Development of “Amphibious Reconnaissance” was the organization of the unit of men Specializing in reconnoitering enemy shores , Since it was felt that specialized training was Necessary. A small group of Marines , Selected from Various Battalion & Regiment Intelligence sections of the 1 st Marine Division in Jan, 1942 assembled at Quantico Va, Consisting of two Officers & 20 enlisted Marines. Designated “Observer Group” this Unit is believed to have been the First unit in Marine Corps History to be organized & trained specifically for Reconnaissance ! It was the Birth of Naval Amphibious Intelligence
    6. 10. The Officer designated to lead the “Observer Group” Unit Was Captain James Logan Jones, & he arrived in 1942 when Col,Graves Blanchard Erskine was Chief of Staff to Gen, Holland Smith. Who at the time commanded a Joint Force comprised of the First Marine Division, & the Army Infantry Division , which was planning to invade North Africa. The Observer Group experimented with many types of small landing craft including , rubber boats , folding canvas boats , kayaks, outboard motors , light weight radio equipment,Signal lights and different types of clothing. While Division G-2 developed doctrine for employment of Amphibious Reconnaissance patrols. The Army went to Africa and the Marines under Capt, James Jones went to Camp Elliot outside of San Diego Ca. as part of Amphibious Corps Pacific Fleet Force
    7. 11. Overhaul at Mare Is, occupied most of the summer and on Sept, 16 nautilus slipped out of Pearl harbor to spend her 6 th war patrol conducting photo-reconnaissance of the Gilbert Is, concentrating on Tarawa, Kuma, Butaritari, Abemama, and Makin ;all of which had been reinforced, particularly Tarawa, since the Subs 1942 excursion into those waters. The info, including continuous panoramic pictures of the coastlines and chart corrections, which she brought back to Pearl Harbor on 17 Oct, proved to be among the most useful intelligence gathered of the Area. She returned to Tarawa 18 Nov, to obtain last minute information on weather and surf Conditions , landing hazards and the results of recent Bombardments. At 2159 hrs , 19 Nov Mistaking her as an Enemy, Destroyer USS RINGGOLD Fired at Nautilus sending a 5” Shell through the Conning tower damaging the main induction drain. Diving as soon as the topography permitted the boat was rigged for Depth charges and the damage control party went to work. Within two hours repairs were sufficient to allow Nautilus to continue with her primary mission: Landing a 78 man Scouting party , Composed of 5 th Amphibious Reconnaissance Company Marines and an Australian Scout on Abemama
    8. 12. Reconnaissance Battalion Gilberts Okinawa Marshalls Kume Shima Eniwetok Tsugen Shima Majuro Kerama Rettos Saipan Tinian Iwo Jima In two years of Pacific fighting,Recon has Reconnoitered 64 Islands - - Never once failing to fulfill its Missions
    9. 41. At the 1995 Reunion in St. Louis Mo. One of the Members from Amphib Recon wrote a Diary that was about and what the company /Battalion did during World War -2 . This was for some , the last reunion that they could attend as the years were creeping up on them . This was written by Nelson Donley with the help of all those that were still able to help with this Diary. The next few Pages are of this Diary and I hope you find it as interesting as I did ?
    10. 46. The following pictures are not in Chronological order, They are as the appear in the Scrap Books.
    11. 55. Lt/Col, Bill Jones Maj, Jim Jones
    12. 79. X =Killed In Action, Black Dots =Wounded In Action next 3 pics
    13. 88. Japanese Plane Shot Down
    14. 89. Damaged Jap Tank
    15. 90. Jap 75 Cannon Saipan
    16. 92. This was the Japanese Hdqtrs
    17. 93. What is left of the Saipan Sugar Mill
    18. 94. Japanese Airplane junk parts
    19. 95. Aboard the USS Kane, A Jap Prisoner
    20. 96. Maj, Jim Jones Lt/Col, Bill Jones
    21. 97. Cpl. John Schiller Jr, Is one of the contributor’s of these Pictures
    22. 127. Two Scrap books are from Gy/Sgt Sam Lanford Shown on Left , Now Deceased
    23. 152. Nanakuli Beach 1940’s
    24. 156. Buford-- - -------------------------Boyd
    25. 157. Tent Camp 3
    26. 161. McAriff -- Willcox Alvini
    27. 164. Pfc, R.P.Taylor
    28. 165. Holland KIA
    29. 167. C.H. Smith J.C. Swinnea
    30. 168. 3 rd , Platoon
    31. 169. 3 rd , Platoon
    32. 176. Tent Camp 3
    33. 192. “ B “ Company Weapons Plt, Tinian 1944
    34. 193. From Last Slide , these are the Names of the Men
    35. 194. “ B “ Company Weapons Plt, Camp Catlin Hi 1944
    36. 195. Charles Krejci Nelson Donley Past President of the Force recon Assoc,
    37. 196. Some of the Survivors of the Iwo Jima Campaign
    38. 199. PG-1 5/10/44 Embarkation roster
    39. 200. 2
    40. 201. 3
    41. 202. 4
    42. 203. 5
    43. 204. 6
    44. 206. The following are the Pages from Lt/Cmdr, Ray Stubbe’s --Manuscript-- “AARUGHA” Of Amphibious Recon FMF History from the 1930’s to 1944
    45. 261. Hope you all enjoyed our slice of history, The Next series will be the First & Second Amphib Recon Company’s , from the Early to Late 50’s. at the Next 2003 Reunion. Disks are for Sale from Supply Hooch Wayne Pilny # -1522 FRA