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Persuasive Presentation 1


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Persuasive Presentation 1

  1. 1. Professional Sales II Scarcity and Selling
  2. 2. September 19, 2010 TCU Football Tickets!!!!!!! TCU vs Baylor Football Tickets are going fast for the 2010 season! Don’t miss your chance to see all the great Mountain West action this year. TCU is going into this season with high hopes of bringing home the Mountain West Championship. Tickets are going fast, so get yours today while you still can!!
  3. 3. Scarcity  Defined as satisfying unlimited needs and wants with limited resources  Why do we pause a face-to-face conversation to answer the phone?
  4. 4. Cheesy Salespeople  M&feature=relate  Old-fashioned techniques vs. Professional Selling
  5. 5. Psychological Reactance  Physical and emotional response to diminishing personal control  Humans naturally react to the idea of “scarcity,” deadlines, and the loss of freedoms  Buyer’s Remorse  What happens when you feel rushed or pressured?
  6. 6. Scarcity’s Sources of Power  Human brains seek “short cuts” or consistency  An item’s availability allows us to quickly and correctly decide on its’ quality  Humans hate losing freedoms  As an item becomes less available, we lose our freedom to choose between options
  7. 7. Optimal Conditions for Scarcity  Most effective when customers believe an item is scarce, social demand is increasing, and they are directly competing for it.
  8. 8. Two-Year Olds, Teenagers, and Jurors?  Similarities between two-year olds and teenagers?  Periods in life where we recognize and assert ourselves as individuals  Limiting choices leads to non-compliance  “Inadmissible evidence” and juror’s response  SPIN technique  Ask only what is relevant
  9. 9. As Professional Sellers,  Features  Benefits  Advantages  WIIFY?  Create urgency without fear or manipulation  Maintain a win-win attitude