Indiana University Competition Script


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Indiana University Competition Script

  1. 1. Altria’s National Team Selling Competition- Indiana University<br />Script<br />Approach/Introduction<br />Primary Contact: Hi Alex, ______, great to see you again. We work together all the time but we don’t get a chance to meet face to face. I want to reintroduce my colleagues, ____, ____, and ____ (full names). (Shake hands, smile). Hi, Alex, _______. <br />Rapport<br />Dave: Hi, it is great to finally meet you, _____. I heard you went to a trade show in Jacksonville last month. How was it? (Response) Awesome, I have visited there recently and it is a really beautiful area. (If he hasn’t motioned to sit…Shall we sit down?) <br />(Power position [primary contact] sits in front, not to either side. Allows easy conversation.)<br />Gains prospects attention<br />Sarah: Gosh, I’m so glad that you were able to meet with us this morning we are so excited to be here. We are really excited about our new products that reflect customer’s changing preferences so that we can align those products with your company’s goals. When we spoke earlier on the phone we agreed on a 15-minute appointment, does that still work for you today? Yes. Great. <br />Overview<br />In those 15 minutes we would like to work through three things: align ourselves with last year’s results and your goals for this coming year to be sure that we are all on the same page. We also want to share with you our recommendations for K&W’s product strategy for the coming year. We would like to incorporate your thoughts and ideas into a cohesive meeting plan for this afternoon. Is there anything you would like to add? <br />(Switch speaker) Would you mind if we asked you a few questions to get started? First off…<br /><ul><li>We would love to hear your thoughts as to Crazy Al’s successes this last year?
  2. 2. That’s fantastic! It is clear that Crazy Al’s has ______ and ________. What areas were you displeased with?
  3. 3. In your role as a Candy Buyer, can you help us understand your goals for 2011 and how you plan to meet them?
  4. 4. In looking ahead, what do you see as potential roadblocks in meeting your goals for 2011?
  5. 5. -in responding, “We’re here to help support you in your role and design a solution to assist you; are these concerns for senior mgmt as well?”</li></ul>TRANSITION<br /><ul><li>We talked earlier about the trade shows you attend, what are some eye-catching elements (what do you notice, what are you looking for) you look for to implement into Crazy Al’s stores?
  6. 6. If we could jointly develop an eye-catching solution that would set Crazy Al’s apart from competition, therefore increasing sales volume and maintaining margin ( incorporate whatever he mentions), is that something you would be interested in taking a look at and presenting this afternoon?</li></ul>Intro of Solution<br />We’ve identified several potential solutions and we would love to hear your feedback and how you would implement them into your organization.<br />K&W knows your strategy is to seek out innovative products and bring creative promotional ideas to customers. What does Crazy Al’s have in their product mix to deliver innovative solutions and product lines? _______________________________________<br />(Dependent on his answer)- One of the ideas we’re excited to discuss with you is a new product to our line-Eye Candy. It’s is a unique and innovative chocolate bar that is low calorie, it is actually about 50% less fat than the leading whipped chocolate bar. Does that sound good? (Trial close) We’re excited to report that K&W’s market research aligns with the experts in the field of confectionary trends, which all predict the next big trend will be healthier confectionary options, specifically a growing demand for candy with health benefits and “better for you” ingredients (FBEA). At K&W, we recognize that Crazy Al’s thrives on being the innovative market leader and we believe Eye Candy aligns with those goals. <br />-Have you recently introduced any new, healthier product options in a Crazy Al store, such as Vitamin Water? (Alignment of current behavior)<br />That is the kind of success we expect with Eye Candy, based on the market research available to us and the stellar performance of other healthier products in convenience stores. <br />SOLUTION<br />Today as a team, we want to design an integrated pricing, product and display strategy that will _____ and _______. So far- we’ve discussed Eye Candy as an important aspect of the overall solution ideas we’ve identified- in the same sense that a disco ball is not the only aspect of Crazy Al’s in-store experience. For this unique experience, Crazy Al’s implements music, colors, lighting, particular clothing, etc AND the disco ball to create an overall experience that stands out to customers. The disco ball is the uniting symbol of this experience, as Eye Candy is the base for our new pricing and display ideas. <br />-At this point, is there anything we can clarify together to make sure we’re still on the same page?<br />Crazy Al’s does a fantastic job at bringing in customers who plan to make purchases- (reasons why: in-store experience, email marketing strategy). 14% of customers visit convenience stores, like Crazy Al’s, to buy candy, gum, and mints. But-as you know, fuel purchases account for 41% of the reason that consumers visit c-stores. We see this as a huge opportunity for Crazy Al’s to transform fuel purchases into impulse candy purchases. Candy, and chocolate bars in specific, are impulse purchases, wouldn’t you agree? <br />Now, the question is- how do we go about driving customers from the fuel pump into the store?<br />We’d recommend using a visual- such as a sticker- on each fuel pump, advertising Eye Candy inside Crazy Al’s. Impulse purchases occur because something catches a customer’s attention so once inside Crazy Al’s, K&W’s new Eye Candy display (SHOW DISPLAY VISUAL) will draw them right to the advertised chocolate bar from the fuel pump. We believe this will drive more impulse purchases. Alex, can you see how this would increase overall sales volume?<br />This display is K&W’s annual….<br />K&W wants to maintain and strengthen this long-term relationship with you and Crazy Al’s to ensure that the experience is mutually beneficial.<br />20 days of research in the field<br />Out of stock rate/inventory (not call it out as a problem but acknowledge it and use it to our advantage; JIT) <br />Pricing/revenue/margins<br />Promotion details (total of $2 off per case of Eye Candy; 4-8 weeks; contingency plans; testing; flexibility lies in timing of promotion)<br />Value proposition: <br />We want to help you build your business. We see that one of your struggles is your price. We want to invest in your growth. Your growth is our growth. We are willing to discount the promotional display $1 per case, as well as discount the promotional advertising by $1 per case.<br />