Music in the 1960’s


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Description of music in the 1960's

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Music in the 1960’s

  1. 1.  East Coast DooWop R&B/Soul The California Scene Motown
  2. 2.  They were groups that originated on street corners or in urban centers They rarely wrote their own songs, pick the material or set up the recordings. Sung In a group Harmony with simple music and Lyrics. Helped influence genres such as rock, soul and pop groups of the 60’s.
  3. 3.  Was made up of many African Americans Didn’t receive as much credit or popularity as less talented white groups because of racial barriers. Some of their songs were sung by popular white performers and became hits. After civil rights movement their music became recognized and enjoyed by many.
  4. 4.  Had a specific sound that soon spread across the nation. The surf & drag or fun in the sun. Surf rock took over the musical industry till the mid 1960s then it was replaced with psychedelic rock. Some of the most influential groups were the beach boys and the surfaris.
  5. 5.  All of the recording stars were black but it wasn’t considered totally black or soul music. Had a stable group of singers, songwriters, and musicians. Aspiring stars took lessons to smooth out their ghetto upbringing such as dance lessons, table manners and correct vocabulary. Artists were the complete package.
  6. 6.  Something that was popular was the message that this new music was presenting. There were many songs created regarding the war in Vietnam, civil rights and the rise of feminism. Many of these songs were used as anthems at protests, rallies and demonstrations.
  7. 7.  The main controversy occurred when lead singer John Lennon stated that the Beatles were more well known than Jesus. Elvis went to the president and asked to have them banned from the united states. Their songs supported anti-war and had lifestyles that involved drug use. They were thought to be a bad influence on the youth of that generation.
  8. 8.  S3HA&feature=related
  9. 9.  Many black artists were popular within their own culture. The British Invasion ( the Beatles, and Rolling Stones) knocked many popular blacks off the charts. However soul music remain popular with the black community.
  10. 10.  Many blacks had to face the hardships of the times but they were faced with many more than their fellow white Americans. They had to constantly worry about their race and segregation along with drugs and the war in Vietnam. Things began to change in 1964 with the civil rights act and in 1965 when Martin Luther King Jr. appeared.
  11. 11.  Aretha Franklin Jimi Hendrix James Brown
  12. 12.  THE QUEEN OF SOUL She epitomized soul at its most gospel-charged. Had huge hits like RESPECT, Chain of fools, and I say a little prayer. She had a big background in gospel and blues and other black musical influences which helped her become such an amazing soul singing artist. She was the first woman inducted into the hall of fame.
  13. 13.  Enlisted in the army in 1961 but continued to make music. Became a big hit in Britan In 1969 he performed his rock version of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock and was recognized for his great musical talents. He won over his American audience In 1967 at the Monterey Pop Festival with his stunning performance.
  14. 14.  Had a huge influence on all different genres of music. He played a big part in the musical messages being promoted during the civil rights movement . He would often cancel his performances in order to perform for black political occasions. He was sponsored by the government to play before the troops in Vietnam.
  15. 15.  His music united people from all over the country. He was well known for all the different types of dances he like to perform while singing. WLfpE
  16. 16.  At the beginning of the 1960s there were many musical groups that were underrepresented and not supported by the public. By the mid to late 60’s many of this had changed. The Beatles were a group that became very popular with the youth in our country but they were not supported by the older generation because of the messages that their music portrayed.
  17. 17.  The 60’s was a time for the youth to rebel and go against the grain. It was a time for change. This was no different for the musical community. African American music was not supported or really accepted by the white people in America because blacks were not considered equal. There were a few African American artists that pushed the limits and became very popular within their own race.
  18. 18.  After the Civil Rights act was passed in 1964 it changed the way that Americans viewed African American music. The 60s was a decade that completely changed the world that we live in today both with its political and musical movements.
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