Online Video: strategic contents for the web


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Are online videos becoming strategic on the web? Data and figures showed, reveal that online video web sites list #3 among the most visited sites, keeping up with social networks and search engines's number of unique users and increasing popularity at high rates!
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Online Video: strategic contents for the web

  1. 1. outlinecommunication strategies online video: key data and figures
  2. 2. videos watched online: key numbers 201,4 in october 2011, more than 201 billion videos BILLION were watched globally on online video web videos sites, from home and watched work location. The global monthly 2 viewing audience 1,2 reached 1,2 billion unique viewers, BILLION during the same unique period. viewers source: title
  3. 3. Online video: how many unique visitors? 1,55 BILLION 1,27 1,15 BILLION BILLION monthly monthly monthly unique unique unique#1 visitors #2 visitors #3 visitors 3SEARCH ENGINES SOCIAL NETWORKS ONLINE VIDEOin july 2011, with 1,15 billion unique visitors, online video viewers were only10% less than people visiting social networks and 30% less than people usingsearch enginessource: data processing on title
  4. 4. online challenge: videos VS searches in april 2012, the 36,8 number of videos watched by u.s. BILLION internet users was videos twice the amount of watched searches. video watching 4 reached a 21,5% increase since april 17,1 2011, against the 11% increase in searches SEARCH BILLION during the same core period. queries source: title
  5. 5. An interesting picture of online video online video web sites list #3 among the most visited sites. online video web sites are taking up social networks and search engines, by the terms of monthly unique users (over 1.1 bn in july ‘11) 5 36.8 bn videos were watched on april ‘11, twice the amount of online searches online video watching reached a 21,5% annual increase since april ‘11 title
  6. 6. online video: key data and figures 2012 STEFANO GRIGOLETTI b l o g | twitter|@s_grigoletti skype|stefano.grigoletti