E-commerce: a way to sell products abroad


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online sales are increasing at high growth rates and e-commerce seems to be more and more strategic in widening sales abroad

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E-commerce: a way to sell products abroad

  1. 1. outlineinternationalization e-commerce: a way to sell products abroad
  2. 2. e-commerce: 2011 trends online B2C sales are increasing at high growth rates (more than 10%), all over Europe althought the online market is not so huge (less 2 than 7% on total retail sales in UK; almost 2% on total retail sales in Italy), positive trends seem to be clear and e-commerce is expected to be more and more strategic for companies
  3. 3. e-commerce: 2011 key indicators +10% amount of online B2C 51 €bn +10% sales of goods and services in 34 €bn 2011 (billion €) +12% and annual growth rate, in 3 20 €bn +20% some european countries 8 €bn source: Politecnico di Milano, 2011 UK DE F I
  4. 4. focus | italye-commerce and the online/offline effects the online sales of goods, services and digital online contents, combined with sales the amount of offline 28,1 €bn purchases pushed by the 11,1 €bn 1,9% web (research online and ROPO 4 of GDP purchase offline - 17 €bn ROPO), generates in Italy a total turnover of more than 28 billion € in 2010, the 1,9% of GDP. Source: Boston Consulting Group, 2010
  5. 5. focus | italye-commerce, a driver for selling abroad?€€€€€€€€€€ 14,7% is average rate of exportation on the total sales, for italian enterprises using e-commerce 5,4% is the average export rate for other enterprises 5 61% of the panel (1.000 italian enterprises interviewed) can sell abroad thanks to the e-commerce channel Source: Boston Consulting Group, 2011
  6. 6. e-commerce abroad: find your right target “Online addected” Mid-high liking to Denmark purchase online and Finland Mid-high liking to purchase online to act on the web Germany Holland Norway United Kingdom United States Sweden 6 Mid-low liking to purchase online “Online active” Mid-high liking to act Australia on the web but mid- Belgium low liking to Canada purchase online Ireland Island New Zeland Switzerland Mid-low liking to act online Mid-high liking to act online Source: data processing on e-intensity index, Boston Consulting Group, 2011
  7. 7. e-commerce strategy: what to remember online sales are increasing althought the crisis and its effects on companies and families e-commerce doesn’t push online sales only: we recognize a positive side effect on consumer expenses due to online presence of companies and their products (ROPO modality) italian companies selling on the web show an export 7 rate three times higher than other companies; what’s more, most of them can sell products abroad thanks to e-commerce channel actually, not all countries are “online addected”: a right e-commerce strategy should be focused on areas with mid-high liking to act and purchase online
  8. 8. 2012 e-commerce:a way to sell products abroad STEFANO G RIGOLETTI blog|aziendainaula.com/subtext twitter|@s_grigoletti skype|stefano.grigoletti
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