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Groundhog´s day


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Explanation of the symbol of the Groundhog´s day

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Groundhog´s day

  1. 1. Groundhog´sDay
  2. 2. What is a groundhog?• A RODENT• Other names:– WOODCHUCK– BEAVER
  3. 3. Origin in Europe• Germany• Candlemass Day– Christian FESTIVAL OFLIGHTS in WINTER
  4. 4. Predict WeatherIf it was SUNNY, then theHEDGEHOG would have aSHADOWThere would be SIX MOREWEEKS OF BAD WEATHERsees shadow = morewinter
  5. 5. Germans came to AmericaBrought the TRADITION ofCANDLEMASs DAYNo hedgehogs so used GROUNDHOGs
  6. 6. Groundhog´s Day• February 2• First celebration - 1887• People come to Gobbler´s Knob inPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
  7. 7. What happens?• If he sees his shadow = 6 more weekswinter• If not = Spring is soon!The groundhog – Punxsutawny Phil comes out
  8. 8. ¨Inner Circle¨ - TAKE CARE ofgroundhog and ¨talk¨ to the Phil
  9. 9. 90% of the time ...Phil SEESHIS SHADOW
  10. 10. Movie: Groundhog´s Day
  11. 11. What did hepredict thisyear?