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The Pepco Solutions Company Overview Document.

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(B) pepco energy solutions overview document email

  1. 1. We specilize in reducing the energy consumption of Industrial and Commercial Facilites Energy costs and demand are on the rise, Pepco Energy Solutions is here to lend a helping hand.Through the installation of our technologies we can produce savings that average from 10%-20% off of your energy bills reducing your facilities operating costs. Pepco Solutions is not a power management firm, we utilize passive technologies that reduce the kWh consumption of our clients facilities while their electrical loads are in operation. www.pepcosolutions.com
  2. 2. Pepco Solutions We are here to dramatically reduce your facilities operating and maintenance costs.We save you money!Utilizing proven technologies, Pepco Solutions is able to reduce your facilities electrical bills by an average of10%-20%!We design and install custom energy conservation systems proven to:• Reduce electrical energy consumption• Decrease greenhouse gas emissions• Improve power quality, power factor and voltage• Increase electrical system capacity• Reduce unnecessary heat• Improve cooling capacity of air conditioning and refrigeration• Lengthen lives of motors, lights, air conditioning and refrigerationOur savings percentages are backed by a third party insurance company!After Pepco solutions has had the opportunity to move forward with an Energy Study and Project Engineeringon your facility, we will establish a base minimum guaranteed savings percentage; this savings percentage isthen backed by a third party insurance company, which is currently The Lloyds of London Insurance Co. Page 2
  3. 3. Pepco Solutions Leadership President: Jim Pepin Jim’s main focus as President is Field Operations. With the industry skills, that he brings to the table, Jim is able to quickly identify cost effective solutions for our clients not only from a field and installation standpoint, but from a product knowledge standpoint as well. Background: Jim has worked as a project manager in construction and land development for 18 years with experience working with engineers, contractors and governing agencies to improve infrastructure in Central Ohio. With present day challenges for companies to operate at the highest level of efficiency, Jim has teamed up with Energy Automation Systems, Inc. with the vision of helping businesses reduce operating costs and improve their overall profitability through electrical efficiency. Executive Vice President: Scott Graham, CSI Scott is responsible for business development, sales, marketing as well as sales force development. His background in the industrial and commercial construction industry coupled with his sales and teaching experience enables him to reach out to organizations that can benefit from Pepco Solutions assistance. Background Scott has been employed in architecture, engineering and construction for over ten years. He spent four of the ten years building commercial and industrial facilities nationally and most recently managing the electrical construction in power generation facilities nation- wide. He recently resigned from teaching construction management at a college local to Columbus, Ohio and served on The Board of Directors for The Construction Specifications Institute of Columbus Ohio. Scott is determined and anxious to educate companies on how Pepco Solutions can reduce their operating costs through the installation of our energy saving technologies. Page 3
  4. 4. Reduce Maintenance Costs / Increase the Life of Your EquipmentIndustrial equipment, motors, lighting, and many other electrical devices rely on electricity to operate; however poor electricquality can be damaging to these types of equipment as well. Through the installation of our systems we are able to reducethe maintenance on and prolong the life of your electrical equipment, motors, lighting and much more.Previous EASI System Installation ResultsTepro Molding Plant (Tennessee) Tempur-Pedic (Virginia)Minimum Guaranteed savings at 11.29% Minimum Guaranteed savings at 15.2%Actual Savings averages 33.7% Actual Savings averages 20.6%Cost of installation recouped in 8 months. Also eliminated motor failure through improved power quality.Pepsi Cola Bottling Plant (Maryland) British Aerospace (Tennessee)Minimum Guaranteed savings at 13.46% Minimum Guaranteed savings at 13.60%Actual Savings averages 14.65% Actual Savings averages 15.2% Installed 12,800 pieces of equipment in a 5000 acre facility. Page 4
  5. 5. Pepco Solution’s state of the art money and energy saving technologiesLocated below are just a few of the state of the art technologies manufactured bin Nashville Tennessee that we at Pepco Solutions may suggest to install in your facility to reduce kilowatt hour consumption.Easiliner EuroLinerMotorized pieces of equipment are historically inefficient users The EuroLiner provides predictable lighting costof electricity. Unnecessarily high electrical bills and savings with either electronic ballast fluorescent or HIDmaintenance costs result from the conversion of the reactive lighting. Designed for use on circuits where measuredcurrent. The EasiLiner provides the benefits of reactive power load amperage is less than 20 amperes at any voltagecorrection while virtually eliminating the risks associated with from 100V to 347V, the EuroLiner modernizes yourtraditional correction methods. Increased motor functionality lighting equipment and air conditioning by lesseningmeans lower energy costs from reduced current draw. the heat load added by your lights.PowerLiner MultilinerEASI’s PowerLiner meets the need to reduce energy costs The MultiLiner is EASI’s product solution for gainingassociated with nonlinear electrical equipment. By canceling a cost-effective savings on groups of loads unpredictablyportion of the harmonic current normally drawn by such loads, used, or that switch on and off in irregular patterns.Thisthe PowerLiner reduces kilowatt-hour consumption and can energy cost-saving solution requires no useralleviate many problems associated with harmful harmonics. adjustment and lowers energy costs by extending the life of motors and equipment, improving facility volt- age and increasing electrical capacity.IllumiLiner LVRThe IllumiLiner units are entirely solid-state with EASI’s Lighting Voltage Regulator (LVR) reduces themicroprocessors that continually monitor and modify the AC energy used in industrial lighting systems, allowingsine wave. The IllumiLiner controls entire lighting circuits from them to run cooler and longer with small reductionthe lighting panel, providing circuit-by-circuit flexibility and of lighting levels. It provides you with an energy costgenerally a high return on investment. The ventilated cabinet is savings ofbetween 15 and 30%. Compatible with mostmade of sturdy, heavy gauge metal with a mar-resistant, epoxy modern magnetic ballasts found in fluorescent, highfinish to withstand industrial environments. The IllumiLiner intensity, and all types of incandescent lighting fixtures,improves the lighting performance and provides for control- the LVR can control many types of lighting productslable illumination distribution. without changing internal jumpers or switch settings. Page 5
  6. 6. THE PEPCO SOLUTIONS PROCESS FROM FIRST CONTACT TO PROJECT COMPLETIONStep 1: Initial Technology Demonstration and PresentationIn this initial step Pepco Solutions introduces you to our technologies, we like todiscuss your facilities power usage and average monthly energy costs. One or more ofour well qualified representatives will be present during this visit to educate you onhow our power saving systems operate. Step 2: Facility Walkthrough This step enables Pepco Solutions to learn more about your facilities unique needs, Pepco Solutions will conduct a walkthrough of your facility with the person who best understands its electrical system. During the walkthrough, our representative gathers information about: • Electrical system • Equipment operations • Electrical billing issues and history • Power quality challenges • Electrical maintenance challenges (Note: Pepco Solutions will need 12 months electrical billing history in-order to proceed to Step 3)Step 3: Energy Study ProposalPepco Solutions hand delivers an energy study proposal to you and explains ourplanned approach at saving your facility money and energy.In a written statement we will tell you:• A minimum guaranteed power cost savings.• The charges for performing the energy study and project design.• Your estimated return on investment.(Note: The cost of the Energy Study will be credited towards the cost of installation.) Step 4: Energy Study The energy study step involves the documentation of each and every electrical load in your facility, a team of experienced electricians along with a Pepco Solutions Site Superintendent will be present on-site to retrieve this information from your facilities electrical devices. As soon as Pepco Solutions has completed gathering all of the data we are in need of, Pepco Solutions immediately begins the project design/engineering phase. The size and number of your facilities dictate the amount of time we spend on this step. Page 6
  7. 7. Step 5: Installation Proposal Engineering is complete, we now have a minimum guaranteed savings and rate of return on your investment established due to our energy study and project design/ engineering. Your Pepco Solutions representative returns to you with a well planned out construction time line, scope of work and proposal. The information included also emcompases a detailed list of technology to be installed in your facility and information regarding the positive environmental impact this project will have. (Note: Please feel free to ask for a sample installation proposal.)Step 6: Equipment InstallationWe execute our carefully designed installation plan for electrical system improvementsand adjustments that are specifically engineered for the power conservation needs ofyour facility(s):• The addition and installation of power conservation technologies to the electric devices/motors targeted from our in-depth energy study.• A precise round of maintenance and upgrade work to your lighting systems that may include retrofitting, harmonics correction, or ballast or even whole fixture replacement. Step 7: Measurement and Verification ”Before” and “after” data will be captured as the system is being installed. A Pepco Solutions representative follows up regularly to verify the savings and make sure you are satisfied with the results. We measure and verify a system’s performance using methods in compliance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). (Note: The IPMVP was established by a network of energy professional and organizations from more than 25 countries to standardize the methods by which energy conservation projects are measured and verified.)Secondary Installation Benefits:• Elimination of power factor penalties• Lower KVA or KVAR penalties• Improved voltage• Increased capacity of electrical system: 5%-15%, in some cases 20%• Cooler panels, wiring and circuit breakers• Increased power factor (efficiency of your electricity)• Reduced fire and arc flash hazard• Power conditioning (Reduced harmonics, fluctuations and other interference on your power lines)• More cooling capacity from A/C.• More cooling capacity from refrigeration.• Less heat to be removed by A/C.• Reduced downtime on equipment & production.• Lower labor cost because of reduced maintenance. Page 7
  8. 8. Pepco Solutions, LLC.10898 Snyder Church Road Baltimore, Ohio 43105 Phone: (614) 593-2868 Fax (614) 416-0550www.pepcosolutions.com © Pepco Solutions, LLC. 2009-2010