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Physics Tutor Singapore


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SG Physics Tuition best faculties are dedicated to provide Physics Tuition to their students. We also achieved Hundreds of written testimonials accumulated from current and ex-students over the years.

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Physics Tutor Singapore

  1. 1. The physics lessons will be conducted in accordance to the Physics Syllabus.  Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement  Kinematics  Dynamics  Mass, Weight and Density  Turning Effect of Forces  Pressure  Energy, Work and Power  Kinetic Model of Matter  Transfer of Thermal Energy  Temperature  Thermal Properties of Matter  General Wave Properties  Light AND MANY MORE.
  2. 2. Mr Wynn Khoo graduated from the NTU with a 2nd Class Upper Honours Bachelor Degree before joining MOE with a post-graduate Diploma in Education(PGDE). He specialises in Physics as part of his NIE training.
  3. 3. Mr Wynn Khoo will provide worksheets for use during the tuition lessons. Students are advised to bring along a sweater and their writing materials.
  4. 4. The maximum class size is between 5 to 8 students. This is done to ensure that the best attention is given to the students.
  5. 5. Tuition fees are to be paid at the last session of each month. Payment can be made in cash. An official receipt will be given.
  6. 6. Address: Blk 154 Bishan St 13, Singapore 588179 E-mail: (Call/SMS) - 81356556