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Physics Tutor


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Physics Tuition second focus is Ensuring clarity in the delivery of the lessons which will help to ensure that the students are able to relate to what they have learns, and apply the concepts in future questions when the given scenario differs.

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Physics Tutor

  1. 1. I always strive to achieve 3 things in my lessons.  1. Interest  2. Clarity  3. Positive learning environment
  2. 2.  Igniting the interest of the students in a subject is extremely important.A student who is interested will be self-motivated and driven.
  3. 3. Lessons are normally conducted in two segments.  Firstly, I would go through the concepts in a topic and provide real-life examples or analogies to illustrate the idea fully.  The second segment will focus on exposing the students to different variations of questions that may come out for the topic by practicing papers taken from the question bank.
  4. 4.  Learning take place best in an active and not passive environment. I aim to create a positive learning environment by building a strong rapport with my students. In a safe environment, students would feel more at ease to raise questions and doubts without the fear of being judged.
  5. 5. Address: Blk 154 Bishan St 13, Singapore E-mail: