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SATISH GORRIPOTU             SOFT SKILLS AUGMENT VERTICAL LIMIT -                QualityIntroduction:              Tester’...
SATISH GORRIPOTUGood Tester Vs Best Tester:Every one In IT will be working towards a similar high level goal.Testers are n...
SATISH GORRIPOTUAt first in Micro level, Argument must be in set of sort questions. Answer must bein one words, either ‘Ye...
SATISH GORRIPOTUWhat companies are doing?Lack of soft skills is a silent killer as it can be bleed an organisation to deat...
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White Paper - Soft Skills Augment Vertical Limit


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White Paper - Soft Skills Augment Vertical Limit

  1. 1. SATISH GORRIPOTU SOFT SKILLS AUGMENT VERTICAL LIMIT - QualityIntroduction: Tester’s ability to handle the ‘softer’ side of business.Broadly speaking we can view software testers having skills like two sides of coin.First side of coin skill used to perform basic duties at work. It will be categorisedas technical skills. Normally people spend time on educating technical skills only.These will teach how to meet the expectations.These days employers are not just interested in formal qualifications when theyrecruiting some body for a tester. But they are looking about spare time activitiesalso. This may contain the skills of other side of coin which are transferable to theworkplace. The other side of coin skill set used to know how to approach workand escalations. It will be categorised as people skills or soft skills. These willteach how to succeed and to exceed expectations.Technical skills will make tester as professional. But both technical skills and softskills make tester as complete professional.What are soft skills?Soft skills refer to the cluster of personality traits, social graces, Facility withlanguage, personal habits, friendliness and optimism that mark people to varyingdegree.According to U.S Department of labour, soft skills are two types.Personal Qualities and Interpersonal Skills. Responsibility, Self-esteem,sociability, Self-management, integrity/Honesty comes under Personal Qualities.Participates as a member of team, Teaches others, Serves client / customers,Exercises leadership, Negotiates and Work with cultural diversity comes underInterpersonal skills.These can be developed by on-going basis.Verbal communication skills: This will tell using the telephone, Organising people,teaching, Ability to talk to people, dealing with escalations, explaining things,understanding the difficulties, counselling.Written communication skills: This will tell writing minutes, reading, checkingreports, mails etiquetteProblem solving skills: This will tell coming with good ideas, Planning andorganising things, finding solutions to problemsTransferable skills: Skills you have learnt and developed in one situation, andimplemented in different situationPersonality skills: These skills are hard working, reliable, sociable, enjoy achallenge, determined, persuasive, a sense of humour, enjoy leading a team, likebeing in a team, common sense, adaptable, punctual, innovative, confident.
  2. 2. SATISH GORRIPOTUGood Tester Vs Best Tester:Every one In IT will be working towards a similar high level goal.Testers are not a different species, but have a capable of proudly carrying thebanner of Quality.Tester is not view their role as going behind enemy lines but need to scratch thesurface to look beneath and check what to do?If Tester is like a fisherman.Good tester will catch single fish by keeping prey.Better or Experienced tester will know about the size of pond by lessons learntfrom past, so he will bring big net to catch the fish.Best tester will make net before he feeds the fish seed in the pond. Therefore,that he cannot miss even a single fish escape from his net. By Priority wise, hewill pick the right fish from the net. He can decide which one will effect, whichone will need to clear first, once he picked the whole net up.I worked for different projects which are deals with same domain. Although weare testing same concept, but no test data is reused in that project. That data isbased on particular scenario, but not mixed for all scenarios.Having a record of why certain decisions were made, how issues were resolved,when certain events happened, and who was involved can be invaluable whenprior actions are questioned later on in the process. Similar issues may come upagain, on the same or different projects, and being able to reference priorsimilarities is always useful. Research may be able to be reused in othersituations or referenced for future work, and having it documented, rather thanrelaying on memories of a discussion, saves considerable time and energy.These days companies are defining their own Testing frame works and theirstrategies and Methodologies.If we consider frame work as tea powder,Good company will select only one flavour powder, i.e. come up with singleframework or model. It will obey with the whole process that is framed earlier. Somany projects are collapsed due to failure of water fall model.Better company will decide which frame works are better for that client then itwill mix all one then later it will filter it. Client may confuse with all the changemanagement, which is clearly visible.Best company will mix all frame works in a cloth then it will drench it the milk,after satisfied, remove the waste product along with cloth. There is no confusionfor company and client, which is providing transparency.Of course experience may be useful in the decision-making process, but soft skillsinclude the ability of people to balance the commercial needs of the company.Key performance:The range of abilities including characteristics of problem solving, team work,communication , work ethic, courtesy, self discipline, self confidence, professionalpresence, cultural sensitivity, ability to accept and learn from criticism, ability tohandle client relation ships, time management are the key performances withSoft skills.Know how to win arguments, but know when to give in and knowing how to dothis is a key success factor. In extreme cases it will be solve in two ways. One is‘Micro’ level, and then second is ‘Macro’ level. This will be possible when testerhave complete understanding and grip on the application.
  3. 3. SATISH GORRIPOTUAt first in Micro level, Argument must be in set of sort questions. Answer must bein one words, either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. After succeeding in the Micro level, then sameset of questions will be expand in Macro level and answers must be come fromthe defender in agreed manner.Grant Strength to tester to improve the features. So tester will get power toquestion every thing he tests and escalates the right things at right times.Tester will have dynamic roles and strategic position in the project. He must knowwho is the correct person who needs to be communicated about the specificissue. He must ensure right understanding and quick resolution.It is necessary for a tester to have the right sense of timing and make right noiseat right time about the issue.Vision of improvement beyond finding defects. Tester as a driver of continuousimprovement. The simple analysis of defects can show the gaps in developmentprocess.Tester can act as trainer on the new features, conducting demos on the newfeature to business analysts and project management.Knowing what and how the application, tester can leveraged for better and moreaccurate recruitments by mentioning then as enhancements. Tester must involvein business requirements, user requirements and then functional requirements.Negative thinking with positive attitude: Tester must not have assumptions. Butalways strive to head for faultless. They will be the stimulator for conspire.Focus on higher level of quality work: It will be possible when tester is moreproductive and interesting.Reading skills: This is most important skill and decides how much worth full aboutprovided documents. Tester must be able to analyse the gathered informationand come with conclusion from that. This will be the evidence for every taskwhich is performed by the tester.Managing time efficiency and effort prioritization: Tester must trigger correct bugin time. He must able to decide weather that bug comes under any of thefollowing four categories.High priority-high severity; High priority-Low severity; Low priority–High severity;Low priority-low severity.Respectively Urgent – important; Urgent – not important; Not urgent– important;neither urgent nor important.Ability to convey the idea: While thinking and thinking idea may blink. It may bethe shorter way to solve the scenario. But Tester needs to convey that idea inproper manner.
  4. 4. SATISH GORRIPOTUWhat companies are doing?Lack of soft skills is a silent killer as it can be bleed an organisation to death. Now companies are realised and giving Importance to Soft skills. Now theyare investing large amount to conducting Team building programs for existingemployers who are the link between the company and the external world.Some organisations are initiating and encouraging their employees to participatein social activities. There is lot of argument in the industry as to whether it is possible toenhance soft skills in a few hours of training. One cannot acquire soft skills bysitting in the class room and just listening to the instructor talk. But they canexplore how they can apply the concepts in their own work environment.Continuous improvement is a key element of the soft skills.In initial years of our job technical skills are good enough to do projects. When itcomes growing personality that matters.Conclusion:Today testing has come as a line of service and soft skills are recognised as a keyto making business more profitable and better place to work for the success of anorganization.An ounce of prevention will lead to highest quality at lowest cost and valueaddition to the customers.Soft skills augment vertical limit. Soft skills outlook vertical limit.Soft skills are augmenting to outlook the vertical limit which helps organization tobecome a winner.