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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Problem "Teachers need to implement new methodologies to encourage and strengthen the teaching of students as there is a high level of laziness and lack of motivation in the classroom"
  2. 2. • How do we train leaders, not just students? People with ambition (for good) • How important is the setting of the classroom in teaching? • Design for education (and Educators)
  3. 3. • generate projects that evolve throughout the semester • major extracurricular classes • preparing students for what they like, not what they should • RPGs implement among students • implement the "serious play" • waldorf system • let the students go in street clothes • constructivist learning methodologies • open talks
  4. 4. • more experimental classes • sit with my friends • classes by television • stimulate open class • go to school costumed • no more homework • teaching as a game, with characters and storylines • have different powers as learned in class • to go to class is not required
  5. 5. • Are they necessary current branches that teach? • How can we change to the next generations? • How we include the family in the education of our students? • What methods can we create effective teaching? • How to strengthen the education of children? • Is it necessary for the teacher to educate them? • How students can teach their teachers? • What are the goals of our students? • How do we improve the classroom to be a place that encourages innovation?
  6. 6. • classrooms as an ecosystem • educational cities • training processes for each race, what motivates me? • teachers as a specialty, not just a career • educational cruise • student would create a complex, hogwarts type, with all inclusive, on a mountain • open and inclusive classes, no more segregated schools • unlimited training workshops • would be given many scholarships for students traveling to different sides • buy it and exchange mineduc • would pay promising students to be tutors • creating schools of excellence with Free Education • Highlights would bring foreign teachers to teach classes and share their experiences
  7. 7. • have the ability to fly, to have classes in different locations (transport) • “Liquid" classrooms (convertible)
  8. 8. • educational volunteer • we design the curriculum among all • create a network of professionals willing to encourage students of first and second cycle and show their realities • series of talks with entrepreneurship success stories • extracurricular sessions for teachers • motivational speaking for professionals and students • implementation of new methodologies that arise from students to teachers • forming creative leaders, students do not memorize • created within the college student tutors • "professionals" practices to high school students
  9. 9. The most practical idea (one that could be easily implemented) • generate projects that evolve throughout the semester Submit a topic to students at the beginning of the semester and by using the classes and the research itself, to see how these projects evolve to see the results at the end of semester
  10. 10. the most disruptive idea (one that would make a huge impact, regardless of how feasible or affordable it is) • open and inclusive classes, enough of segregated schools! Why some may choose to study and others can only choose to "touch them?" How many good students with real desire to learn lose by the lack of these options?
  11. 11. your favorite idea (one idea that you are excited about for whatever reason... you don’t have to justify why) • “Liquid" classrooms (convertible) be able to transform the classroom teacher according to requirements, transforming the place into a lab and a conference room, or whatever to promote a new teacher/student relationship and promote new forms of communication and effective classes