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  • This lesson includes information about the Quickword component of the Quickoffice for iPhone products. Quickword is a text editor that can open and edit Microsoft Word files.
  • This lesson includes information about the Quickword component of the Quickoffice for iPhone products. Quickword is a text editor that can open and edit Microsoft Word files.
  • Cc survey results1

    1. 1. Customer Care Survey Results Discussion: May 8, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Survey Results Discussion BVF-142187<br />Response from Support staff was good. Its the process that i am not quite happy about. Irrespective of where i bought the code, so long as it is a authenticated license code, why don't i have the freedom to transfer to another device of the same operating system?<br />Customer had 2 android devices and purchased “SE business experience pack XP121”<br />We saw only one Symbian purchase and said him that we cannot find his purchase and we do not transfer form one platform to another<br />Ways to solve the issue:<br />We should give discounts for everyone who wants to transfer form one platform to another, this is about CLV. Even if a customer cannot confirm his first purchase it’s OK to give him a discount and apologize that we cannot transfer/refund his previous purchase<br />2<br />
    3. 3. Survey Results Discussion HAN-259327<br />the response was very timely and good, my problem is that the response wasn't what I was expecting. I look for a reimbursement of my Android version to be able to purchase your iOs version. Now I might go with another vendor because of coupons and person paying for the software<br />Customer<br />I bought your version for Android honeycomb a couple of weeks ago. I decided to return my device and went to iPad instead. I was wondering if you would exchange my Android version for the iOS version of quickoffice that i need now.please let me know<br />3<br />
    4. 4. Survey Results Discussion HAN-259327 (part 2)<br />We:<br />Hello,Thank you for your message.Unfortunately we are unable to transfer Quickoffice for Android OS to devices with other platform. If you would like to use Quickoffice on your iPad device you need Quickoffice for iPad purchased and installed there.Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.Please feel free to contact me with any further questions, I'll be happy to assist you.Thank you and have a great day,<br />How to solve:<br />Again – we should give a refund if a customer lost his device or returned it back and purchased device on another platform<br />4<br />
    5. 5. Survey Results Discussion UCX-813703<br />Pending still<br />Customer had a download issue, we asked more details, he never replied back. <br />We should be monitoring survey responses and in cases like that – reply them back again<br />5<br />
    6. 6. Survey Results Discussion TFL-216108<br />Esperabaunacontestacionmasconcreta y pertinente<br />Translate: Wait for an answer more specific and relevant<br />Customer:<br />You can install quickoffice in a toshiba tablet folio 100?As I can make the purchase of the product?<br />WE:<br />Thank you for contacting us.<br />Quickoffice Pro was designed and developed for devices with Android 2.0 - 2.3 operating system (Eclair, FroYo, and Gingerbread). Quickoffice Pro HD was designed specifically for Tablet devices and will work on Android OS version 3.0 (Honeycomb) and newer.Please, check your device firmware version(Android OS) (Settings->About phone->Firmware version) and select Quickoffice version you need.We'll be happy to assist you further if you have any additional questions.<br />6<br />
    7. 7. Survey Results Discussion TFL-216108 (part2)<br />How to solve:<br />Probably it’s better to just tell that yes, you can install Quickoffice on ANY android device, it looks like your device has 2.2 (please double-check this – instructions). If you have Android 2.2, Quickoffice Pro 4.0 should work properly on your device, here is the link.<br /> <br />It’s better to provide them with the direct link, so that they can purchase even if they purchase incorrect version, we can always provide a refund or transfer a license or send them cupcake version<br />7<br />
    8. 8. Survey Results Discussion XPQ-712210<br />I am not able to load Quick Office on my phone. I opened the e-mail to the device. (Captivate SGH-1897 Checked settings, ect. WILL NOT LOAD<br />Call my cell 435-730-1157, no luck with e-mail/message support. Not working!!!Bill Holt<br /><br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />Hmmm, maybe what I would do differently is I would sent him a link to QO Pro 4.0, it’s better to try something rather than consequently ask questions.<br /> <br />Send him a link and tell him that this link will work ONLY if you have Android 2.0 or newer, if it doesn’t work, please tell us you Android OS version. Also do this and that to uninstall any previous versions.<br /> <br />Remember – this is captivate – they had some other versions previously for free.<br />8<br />
    9. 9. Survey Results Discussion adp 569797?<br />I apologize for not getting back to you I had purchased the up grade but accidently closed a message before getting the confirmation number. I did go to my bank an there was a witdraw for the upgrade. I'm not up to speed on this droid phone. But hope to get things resolved soon. I'm. Having trouble checking things on line.<br />I don't quite know how to get this resolved. All I can say is that Sunday I. Will try to remember to look up the date and the amount that was withdrawn do the product. I was intnerested in using it to track things I work on.<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />Customer sent us a message in survey rather than in the ticket. I’ll make sure we explicitly ask not to do this, but we all should be monitoring responses.<br />9<br />
    10. 10. Survey Results Discussion JWD-212055<br />They didn't solve my problem. your product doesn't support Hebrew ever since the last update (it supported Hebrew before) and I am extremely unsatisfied because I cannot get a refund (I saw it after the 15 minutes limit in the market) and on the other hand I cannot use the product anymore...<br />Fix the problems concerning Hebrew support in your products.<br />Customer<br />He wanted Hebrew support and mentioned that it was working before the update, we sent him to ideascale instead.<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />We should read tickets more carefully and we could’ve demonstrated that we are willing to know more details and want to solve his issue, most likely he wouldn’t submit a negative feedback in this case.<br />10<br />
    11. 11. Survey Results Discussion ?<br />The installation could not be carried out.<br />Customer<br />Has LG GT540, most likely 1.6, right?<br />Our response<br />Dear Quickoffice CustomerThank you for contacting usCould you please specify the text of error message you hsve when you try to install the app?Could you please specify if you have an option to allow installation from unknown sources?To check it please go to Menu-Settings-Applications-Allow the installation from unknown sources.Kind regards,<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />We should send more clear instructions. Like, please try to do the following: 1. 2. 3.<br /> If he has LG GT540 probably he has 1.6? So we might need to sent him 3.3.102 link<br />11<br />
    12. 12. Survey Results Discussion YBW-987833<br />Although promised a software update I did not receive any.<br />Do not lie to your customers.<br />Customer<br />Wanted to know the difference between build number that is in the Android Market and the one that ha purchased from our website.<br />Our response<br />In fact there is no any difference between these versions. Version 3.3.74 is the latest release. Non-market updates should be available later and you will get the latest version for free.<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />Probably we should’ve said that it’s only a build number – nothing really changed 74 build is for Android Market 51 is for Both versions are identical.<br />12<br />
    13. 13. Survey Results Discussion VLR-563857<br />they told me that the problem i was having had to be solved by carbonite. however the help section of the app says to send questions for help to you. it is very confusing.<br />Customer<br />My carbonite app. Does not Update my files from my computer within 72 hrs. Any idea why? ThanksMario caimotto.<br />Our response<br />We sent him to Carbonite.<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />We should pay more attention to such cases, sometimes it’s about some files which were transferred to Quickoffice using some other application.<br />Carbonite is a cloud storage service and he is using some kind of carbonite file manager which then opens Quickoffice. Quickoffice opens files locally so we are not sure what carbonite is downloading before opening Quickoffice, there could be some cache in carbonite – he should contact their support department for more details.<br />13<br />
    14. 14. Survey Results Discussion YIL-595140<br />Customer<br />Had an issue with 4.0 iPhone update, we asked to re-install the app – he did that, but when he restored iTunes backup application started to crash again.<br />Our response<br />We said that we will escalate the issue, but we put his ticket to In-Progress and then it closed and customer reasonable was very upset.<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />We should put such tickets On Hold and then, especially that this ticket has a tag – we should follow-up with 4.0.1 update which most likely should fix his issue.<br />14<br />
    15. 15. Survey Results Discussion Xvz-675200<br />Customer<br />He can’t see images from camera roll when inserting them in PowerPoint and he can’t open files created in Quickoffice<br />Our response<br />“Thank you for writing me with your issue.1. When you insert a picture in a PowerPoint file you must see two folders: on iPad and Photo albums. If you have images in both folders you must see the same ones while inserting into a PowerPoint file. 2. Please reset your iPad: open Settings -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. Then check if you can see your images from within a PowerPoint file.3. Could you please send me files you have troubles with, so I would investigate the issue more closely on my side? You can make copies of these files, remove sensitive data if necessary and attach them in a reply to this message.”<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />I would ask what he see in the insert a picture dialog, then if he doesn’t see anything in system gallery I would ask to reset his iPad (although that’s not a very good workaround, I thought we have some better ways?)<br />15<br />
    16. 16. Survey Results Discussion SLC-269018<br />1. I submitted 2 tix but only 1 was responded to. After I'd submitted both tix, and I went back into my yahoo account did I see and open the auto response that my 1st tix had generated where it's stated that sending 2 tix would reset your wait time. Never did it say that I would never get a response. And why isn't the warning about sending 2 tix on the website where you create and submit the tix? 2. Like 3 days later when I finally did receive a response, it looks like the response was just a simple copy and paste from a manual. I'd noted in my tix that I was following the directions but it wasn't working for me so why would the CSR respond with the same instructions that I'd just noted didn't work for me??? In the end, I had a co-worker help me because the Quickoffice support staff and site were no help at all. Honestly, it had me contemplating removing the software from all my systems.<br />Customer<br />Customer asked 2 questions, we replied only to one - I'm trying to email a file in Quickoffice. When you touch the envelope icon, it reads 'Tap and hold file to drag it here'. When I tap the file, it opens. When I just hold and try to drag, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />We should be more specific rather then: <br /> “Hello Tracey,Thank you for writing me back.Tap and hold a file -> drag and drop it on Email icon -> Send.”<br />16<br />
    17. 17. Survey Results Discussion AKB-334940<br />problem has not been solved <br />solved the sync problem with Google docs immediately!<br />Customer<br />i had found this problem long ago,when quickoffice attached googledoxs,it can get the files index,but it seems cant recognized them correctely.some files that i uploaded to docs whitoutquickoffice, cant be recognized correctely,everndont get the right extensions name, it would to say, your app dont the file actually is a .doc files. and cant open it eventally.i hope you guys should to try,and fix it.<br />17<br />
    18. 18. Survey Results Discussion AKB-334940 part 2<br />We<br />Thank you for writing me with your issue.This issue is with GoogleDocs conversion. Files created in GoogleDocs or when you upload files on your GoogleDocs account via web browser on a computer and if you check this option "Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs formats" then these files do not open in GoogleDocs within Quickoffice. As a workaround you can re-upload your files and not check option "Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs formats" .I have submitted this issue to our developers for further investigation. We have made a note of this support ticket in the issue report, so we will be able to contact you if we need any additional information.We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while Quickoffice and GoogleDocs teams looks into this. <br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />This doesn’t look like his case, he could have an issue with Unicode characters because he is form china ( and we should’ve asked him to specify whether he is uploading with conversion or not, maybe we should ask him to share with us problematic file and check whether it’s a Unicode issue or something else.<br /> <br />18<br />
    19. 19. Survey Results Discussion GGY-722402<br />they didn't give me information about the time of updating and IF they will do it, as required. They told it will be soon but soon means..???<br />docs to go seems to be more efficient and user friendly. It is true or you're not able to explain your products... :)<br />Customer<br />Dear Sirs, i just want to know if you planned an update of the software so that i can buy the newest due to some bugs i see on some forum such as a difficoult transfer protocol. Can you tell it please? I saw the ipadversione has just been updated, an iphone one is on the way?Many thanks<br />We<br />Thank youy for contacting us.Our developers are working hard on updates of the versions for IphoneiPod Touch.The updates will be released as soon as possible.<br />Ways to Solve the issue:<br />We should’ve asked him to specify what exactly he find difficult, maybe we should’ve sent him a direct link to the user guide and explain how he can transfer files.<br /> It’s better to say that yes, iPhone update is on its way and we expect it to be available very soon, unfortunately we do not have any exact ETA. Also he mentioned some bugs – we probably should’ve asked about them.  <br />19<br />
    20. 20. Other topics<br />Refunds for everyone in Symbian who cannot install – we’ll have a major issue with new upcoming firmware from NOKIA, so 7.0 has been postponed.<br />Nook Color has its own Quickoffice Pro 4.0 in Barnes and Nobel store<br />We should be using pre-defined replies whenever it is possible – is it doable?<br />Lodsys<br />20<br />