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C C G Welcome Package


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C C G Welcome Package

  1. 1. Clearview Consulting GroupWelcome to Clearview Consulting Group! You have just taken the first major step to controllingand improving your financial profile. In today’s world, the three digits that make up your creditscore are the most important three numbers in your life. They determine the interest rate you payon financed purchases, if you will be eligible for employment, or if you can achieve or maintain agovernment or military security clearance. It even affects our social lives, as many of the leadingonline dating websites now ask your credit score when creating a profile. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates the three major Credit Bureaus through the FairCredit Reporting Act, commonly referred to as the FCRA. Most people are under the impressionthat nothing can be done to change the information on their credit reports. Thankfully, this is nottrue. Federal law allows consumers the right to have information reporting to their credit reportverified and corrected. No one can legally remove accurately reported information from aconsumer’s credit report. However, the law clearly states, any information on a credit reportthat is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, biased, or unverifiable must be removed. Thatbeing said, you the consumer are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your credit reportaccurately reflects your conduct as a consumer.Clearview Consulting Group, LLC has effectively removed the following for our past clients: • Bankruptcies • Tax Liens • Charge offs • Collections • Late Payments • Judgments • Repossessions • ForeclosuresIn recent years The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act made it easier for a consumer toobtain and monitor their credit reports for identity theft, inaccuracies or fraudulent activity. In2004, The California Public Interest Research Group conducted a study that showed 79% of allcredit reports contained serious errors. These errors affect your financial life.Through Clearview Consulting Group’s services, we will conduct and audit your consumer creditreports, evaluate what is affecting your credit score, and handle the formal dispute process. Bothby law and our internal ethics, we cannot guarantee any specific results; as each case is different.
  2. 2. Clearview Consulting GroupHowever, the goal is to remove the derogatory items that are unverifiable, uncollectable, andoutside of the statute of limitations, and guide you in establishing positive trade lines so you canbring your credit profile to its pinnacle. We will explain how your credit reports and the FICOscoring system affect your day to day finances and determine the way you live your life.Whether it is consideration for potential employment, lower interest rates on your credit cards,qualifying for an auto loan, or perhaps an approval on a mortgage loan, a lower interest rate couldsave you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the term of just one loan. Considering the amountof loans and consumer debt the average American acquires over their lifetime, with good credityou could be saving a lot of money.Clearview Consulting Group, LLC is far from your average consulting firm. We started thisbusiness with the idea that consumers should be able to do something about inaccurate, derogatoryitems on their credit reports. Our approach is to offer a truly personalized service from the initialconsultation, providing you with a wealth of knowledge to make sure you fully understand theentire process; and the consequences of every financial decision you make from this point forward,as pertaining to your credit. Clearview Consulting Group, LLC carries the absolute besttechnology, process and operations to get a very complicated and lengthy task done quickly andwith unparalleled quality and success. Our proven technology and online database simply exceedother companies offering similar “credit repair services”. What is FICO?The Fair Isaac Corporation is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange; tradedunder the symbol FICO. Headquarter in Minneapolis, Minnesota they offer consulting services andenterprise decision management systems. The FICO scoring system was designed by engineer BillFair and mathematician Earl Isaac in 1958, as a tool to assess and measure the risk of lendingmoney to an individual. The FICO scoring system is the most recognized and widely used creditscoring system in the world. It is currently used by both TransUnion and Equifax, as Experian hasrecently adopted their own internal scoring system. In the United States, FICO credit scores rangefrom 300-850, with 723 being the median FICO score of Americans. Scores are based on paymenthistory, outstanding debts, credit history, new credit, and credit currently in use. What affects your FICO score? Payment History 35% Balance to Credit Limit Ratio 30% Length of Credit History 15% New Credit 10% Types of Credit Used 10% ____________________________________________
  3. 3. Clearview Consulting GroupThese factors alone make it difficult to keep a high credit score, so when you have derogatory orinaccurate information negatively reporting on your credit, it is nearly impossible to keep yourscore consistent. In addition, it is widely known that many financial institutions take advantage ofthis in order to charge you higher interest rates for their loans, products or services. Derogatoryand inaccurate information are even more difficult to have removed properly because they reportto all three major credit bureaus, thus making the dispute procedure a three-part process.Clearview Consulting Group works diligently with all three major credit bureaus to resolve thederogatory information on your credit report. Where Do You Stand? Credit Rating Credit Score A+ 750 + A 700 - 749 A- 680 - 699 B+ 660 - 679 B 640 - 659 C+ 620 - 639 C 600 - 619 D-F 599 & below In many cases bad credit costs the average consumer $200+ per month.While you can see the importance of good credit, maybe you have not given much thought to howmuch bad credit is costing you. Inaccuracies and errors reflect negatively on your character andlimit your financial options. By having a lower credit score you are being financially punished inalmost aspect of your life. Clearview Consulting Group, will as your advocate in the tediousprocess of inaccurate and unverifiable information that is affecting your credit score and yourquality of life.
  4. 4. Clearview Consulting Group Commitment to Our Clients:• We offer a full money-back guarantee (please visit www.Clearview for full details)• We offer unlimited disputes per account. You can even add new accounts while enrolled.• On-line Customer Support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through our fully interactive website, you can access your account and view your progress any day, anytime.• Our processing staff removes averages 47.86% on average of derogatory items disputed in the first cycle alone.• The removal of derogatory accounts results are common within the first dispute cycle!• Though we are proud of serving our local community, we are licensed to service any client nationwide.• We remove your derogatory items by challenging credit reporting agencies and the methods they use, which negatively affect your credit and cost you money.• You will receive an email each time we work on your account, so you will always know exactly what is going on during your credit dispute process.• Clearview Consulting Group, LLC is fully compliant with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) on a state and federal level.• All negative items removed from your credit reports are designed to be permanent.• Our extensive knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), and The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) allows us to utilize numerous techniques to maximize results for each client.• We pride ourselves on Business Ethics: Bottom line ~ you simply will not find a more dependable, ethical and helpful company to guide you to improving your credit.• By Law and our Code of Ethics, we cannot guarantee specific results-but we can guarantee to work harder than anyone else.
  5. 5. Clearview Consulting Group Requested Documentation for EnrollmentEnrollment Process(Note: if you are enrolling with your spouse, please provide all of the required items for both ofyou. You will need to provide separate proofs of residence for each person.)This is what we need from you in order to complete your enrollment: 1. 2 Verifications of Residence (gas & electric bill, cable/phone bill, water bill). 2. Copy of Drivers License/Government Issued Identification Card (when faxing please enlarge to 145% on copier and make sure it is clear) 3. Copy of Social Security card or last year’s W-2 4. Voided Check (if paying by ACH) 5. Completed Payment Authorization Form (included in Service Agreement) 6. Signed and Completed Service Agreement7. Full Tri Merge Credit Report with credit A complete Tri-Merge Credit Report with your credit scores can be obtained at Please Scan or Fax verification information to (206) 339-5298, please email your Analyst after any fax to confirm receipt. Once the Service Agreement and the supporting documentation is received is received; we will conduct our analysis. The usual turnaround time when we receive of all information to the mailing of your dispute letters is 7-10 business days.Once you are enrolled in our program, you will be emailed a “login” and “password” giving youaccess 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to track the progress and activity on your account. We alsoemail out clients summaries of any and all work performed on your account.