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Just some views on marketing and advertising I put together (partly based on several other presentations and very interesting people)

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Just some thoughts

  1. 1. Just.Some.Thoughts.!
  2. 2. Stop.Decorating. Nowadays we, consumers as you’d like to call them, are exposed to so much commercial impulses we tend to be a master in ignoring them. For us it is nothing but wallpaper. But what if our personal environment is not decorated but used to the best to grab our attention. Remarkable because it disrupts our personal environment and makes me smile or at least does something with me. The world is our decor. Start using it.
  3. 3. Make.People.Buy. ! Try.Not.To.Sell We do not need sales reps anymore. What has been going on in supermarkets for years on end is now finally landing in other marketing environments. Advertisers do not sell products anymore, people are buying brands. So start building a brand. Think of it yourself. What do you consciously buy? That is not what people are trying to sell you, is it?
  4. 4. Focus.On.Experiences. Not.Products.Not.Services. In the beginning of the advertising era, products were the way to differentiate us from the competition. But as we humans are masters in copying we gradually forgot about products as a differentiator, and moved to services. Service was the key to succes. And so thought our competitors. Service is becoming commodity. The need in the market now is ‘experiences’. As an advertiser we just need to generate experiences. Stories. Not about the product or the service. But about something that fits within the world of our customers. Experiences we would like to call them.
  5. 5. Come.Up.With.New. Products.For.People If experiences are the new gold. We need great ideas to build these experiences on. Even products. Creativity in advertising is more and more becoming a product development metier. The product as the idea. To gain new customers. Or brand lovers. So start seeing it this way and forget about attracting new customers to old products. Everybody is doing that.
  6. 6. Be.Your.Own.Proof yadayadayadaya. familievoordeel. yadayadayadaya. profiteer nu. yadayadayadaya. Wij hopen u snel te spreken. ! Send by [noreply@kpn.com] ! Sure! Promise me the world but proof nothing. Say you want to get in touch with me via a no reply adress. Say you are personal but let me type in 5 different keys before getting in touch with your customer service. Promise me the lowest prices but in fact your neighbour shop is cheaper. In this era experiences can only be ‘bought’ as long as they are backed by an authentic brand. As soon as you pretend to make things better than they are, we (your customers) will wipe the floor with you. We can. Really. Because we have the voice and other people tend to find us more authentic than your brand.
  7. 7. Online.Is.Not.A.Medium. We don’t go on the internet anymore. We just don’t. We are the internet. Checking email (or wait that is 2006). Whatsapp (or is it Telegram). Mobile banking. Taking pictures and sharing them. Using Vine (of Instagram). Being informed about speeding cameras via Flitsmeister. Getting our own must see map filled with recommendation from our friends. Or even registering our average speed going downhill from the mountain. So again: We don’t go on the internet anymore. We are the internet. So stop seeing it another way.
  8. 8. Do.Not.Kill.Social. Facebook is dying. Hyves is dead. Telegram flourishes. Why? Because our parents are on our own environments? Because of the share diarrhoea? Because you meet people that are better left in the dark places or their own home? No!! We are the cause. We advertisers. Interrupting an environment where brands have no business. Unless you come up with great ideas. Worth paying attention to. Read all the previous!
  9. 9. Do.Not.Please.Everybody. The biggest number of fans are not brands. Or at least, not brands as we define them. It is artists. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Everybody’s friends. Or… are they? They polarise. You either love them or hate them. There is no middle road. They stand out from the crowd. They are not afraid to lose friends or in that same matter… win friends. They just do. And realize that not everybody loves them. So why are you focussing on as many friends and followers as possible. Do not think for your audience. Think for yourself and gain the audience. Thus, put your effort in people that already like you as you are, and save the time and money in befriending people who do not want to be friends with you.