1) Fast Track To Success


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The MOST important thing you can do is set your foundation in place to build your
financial pipeline and ensure you qualify to receive on-going weekly residual income.
The starting point is to qualify for our CORE income stream, the Team Commissions.

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1) Fast Track To Success

  1. 1. Step 1 The MOST important thing you can do is set your foundation in place to ensure you qualify to receive on-going weekly residual income. The starting point is to qualify for our CORE income stream, the Team Commissions. Qualifying for Team Commissions is simple. You only need 2 people to purchase any of our HPP Branding Packages from your website. This means that you personally sponsor 2 Ultimate Members, placing 1 in each team, to qualify for Team Commissions. Everyone will make money if they only do this one simple step. Smart Media has made it so simple that it is possible for anyone to achieve this first step with very little effort. The Team Commissions are considered our core because all the other income streams grow as a result of you focusing on this one income. Every journey starts with the first step and this one step sets up your business for success. Do the work once and you can be paid over and over again from that one-time effort. Imagine, as you continue to share HPP with people, your network will expand. You could possibly have hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands or more Free Members as a result of our list building and lead generations systems. Many of the people with whom you share HPP will want to either start as an Ultimate Member or upgrade to Ultimate Member from a Free Member. By using our very simple system and just focusing on sharing your personal GoSmartMedia.com website with your contacts and everyone you meet, your success is assured. Please do not try to explain it yourself as all the tools such as Smart Media Magazine, videos and pdf files that do the explaining for you are all on your website. Your personal GoSmartMedia website offers your visitor choices:  Free Member – takes them to your HPP Registration page and HPP v1  Ultimate Member – takes them directly to your SmartMediaTechnologies.com (SMT) “Join Page” where they can purchase one of our Branding Packages and get immediate access to HPP v2  More Information – takes them directly to your SMT Product page. From here they can also go to the Opportunity page to see all our amazing income streams!
  2. 2. Go through the GoSmartMedia System yourself. Watch the 3 videos that are seen when you enter your details for more information. Go through the system so you know what your visitors will experience. By doing this you will realise you do not need to know the answers just know where they are when asked any question. Who do you know who:  Would like to earn part time income  Needs more money  Uses the Internet  Is a member of Facebook, Twitter or other social networks  Plays Games online  Is promoting another product or service  Likes to win prizes like computers, iPods, cash  Is interested in learning  Trusts you enough to give you a few minutes to watch a short video? Write down the first 10 to 20 people you can think of from the prompts above and contact them as soon as possible within the next 24 hours:  Ask them when they will have a few minutes to watch a short video  Give them your personal “Gosmartmedia.com” website link and let the system do the work for you  Invite them to one of our live webinars Quick tip: Who will be YOUR first 2? Remember, you also have a great support team to help you each step of your journey.
  3. 3. Imagine each income stream as a new investment property. With an investment property you need to outlay money. However, with Smart Media you do the work ONCE to qualify to receive each new income stream. What would you be prepared to do to own a new block of apartments? Step Set your Short, Medium & Long-Term Goals Goal Date Goal Achieved 1 Qualify for 2nd Level PPC/PPI income – 2 personal Reps in 72 hrs This also Qualifies you for 2xInfinity – 2 personal Reps 2 Help your 2 sponsor 2 3 Qualify for Matching Bonus Level 1 – 6 personal Super Reps 4 Qualify for Matching Bonus Level 2 – 12 personal Super Reps 5 Qualify for Matching Bonus Level 3 – 14 personal Super Reps 6 Qualify for Star Leadership Bonuses Some of these income streams can be worth that to you… and much more! Each of these 6 steps will provide you with an additional lucrative income stream.
  4. 4. Watch the videos found on the Opportunity page of your SmartMediaTechnologies.com website to understand what is required to qualify for each income stream. These videos are a valuable resource. If your prospects have any questions on how the pay plan models work, send them to watch these videos for the full details. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes, relax and focus on your breathing, noticing each breath you take. Start living each day as if you have already achieved your goals and you already have this income coming in week after week. Money is an exchange of energy, so what would it mean to you to be earning this weekly income? Quick Tip: Set yourself some income goals on how much you will be earning each week. In one year from now what will be your weekly income? As soon as possible, set aside some time to do some dream building...  What will be different for you?  What will you be able to do now you have this income flowing in every week?  What will it mean to your life now you are earning this weekly income? Allow your imagination to explore all the wonderful possibilities of what this weekly income will add to your life. Take as long as you need to find out what is important to you, gathering as much detail as you can. Then open your eyes and write down all the things that you will be, do and have as a result of this weekly income. Keep this with you. Before going to bed at night and first thing in the morning read what you have written. Read it each time you contact people. This is a very simple system that works! Once you feel relaxed, think about what life will be like for you when you are earning $.....……. a week.