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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Drafts for Flyer, Digipak and Programme
  2. 2. Digipak• Four panel disc• Glossy case• 350gsm• Full Colour10,000 copies= £376420,000 copies= £7528(
  3. 3. • I have not yet got any images for the front cover, as a photoshoot has not taken place yet.• Neither have I had the tracklist off the Artist or Record Company.• Additional and Legal information will be input after all sources have been told.• This is only a draft and I plan to use a colour scheme like this that keeps the page neutral.• The final photo to be used will be drawn up in ink to give a more indie feeling to the cover.• The text on all parts of the cover, apart from the additional and legal information will be inked.
  4. 4. • I am awaiting information of either a thank you from the artist, or if the record company would like an image to be shown. At the moment I would like to used an inked image of the background of where the images will be taken, to make the cover flow.• Again this neutral colour will be a starting point for me to change it if necessary.
  5. 5. Flyer• Neutral Style with image of artist around it• A5 flyer• Printed at 250gsm• Single sided•Facebook, Twitter and Website to be included.5000 copies= 15410,000 copies= £ 30820,000 copies= £462(
  6. 6. Programme
  7. 7. • The background will be neutral, just like the flyer to keep continuity throughout the tour.• There will be space for an image of the artist to be placed on the cover.• On the back cover, there will be either a neutral background, or an image similar to the one on thedigipak.• Over the top of this there will be a clear font showing all of the tour dates and then below there will be room for additional information.5000 copies= £1413 • A4 Size • 16 page programme • 130gsm10,000 copies= £2094(
  8. 8. Schedule