Eced career opportunities


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Eced career opportunities

  1. 1. ECED CareerOpportunities By: Savanah Gibson 2/7/2012
  2. 2. Career OpportunitiesO Child CareO Preschool TeacherO Elementary School Teacher (K-3rd)O Education AdministrationO Specialty Teacher
  3. 3. Early Childhood Education To work in the field of Early Childhood Education, you must be willing to…O Influence Behaviors of ChildrenO Make a Difference in the Education of young childrenO Have a desire to receive immeasurable rewards for impacting the lives of childrenO Obtain bachelors degree & acquire licensing from State Board of Ed.
  4. 4. Child Care Environment EducationO Ages (Infant – 5years) O High School DiplomaO Before/After school (equivalency) care O Associates DegreeO Teach basic concepts O Attend courses onO Variety of children’s Settings(home, childr health, safety, and en’s homes, child nutrition care centers) O Administration:O Freedom of Location certificate or higher degree
  5. 5. Preschool Teacher Description EducationO Ages (2-5) O Associates Degree atO Introduce basic minimum skills and concepts O Bachelor’s degree is (colors, numbers, preferred letters)O PLAY
  6. 6. Description EducationO Grades K – 3rd O Bachelor’s degreeO Teach skills in science, math, language, and social studies from accredited collegeO “Employ a variety of instructional methods” (Guide O Obtain a teaching to College Majors in Early license from the State Childhood Education, 1999- Board of Education 2012)O Work with multicultural children
  7. 7. Description EducationO Oversee operations of O A bachelor’s degree day care or school in some casesO Be in charge of all staff O A Masters or PhD is and curriculum preferredO Manage budgetsO Be sure the school meets all state requirements
  8. 8. Description EducationO Works with children who O Completion of Special have disabilities (variety Education Teacher of disabilities) training programO Understands and has knowledge of each disability O Bachelor’s degreeO Uses various learning with State issued techniques and license implements lessons to pertain to each individual child O Some states require a Masters degree
  9. 9. Short Term Long termO Obtain my Associates O Get into the Ball State degree from Ivy Tech Teachers College Community College O Obtain my Bachelor’sO Seek more hands-on degree from Ball State experience inside a University class room to better O Revise my teaching prepare myself philosophy O Obtain my life longO Organize artifacts for dream to become an reference Early Childhood Educator
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