The Adventures of Flat Riddley Diddley


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Children\'s Story Book about the Adventures of a little boy who makes himself flat and visits his grandmother\'s house.

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The Adventures of Flat Riddley Diddley

  1. 1. The Adventures of Flat Riddley Diddley
  2. 2. <ul><li>Here is the letter that came to Mommom’s mailbox with Flat Riddley one day in September 2008. </li></ul><ul><li>I’m Flat Riddley Diddley. My friends and I read a story about </li></ul><ul><li>a boy named Stanley who was flat enough to mail, so I decided </li></ul><ul><li>to make a flat me and see what adventures I could have. </li></ul><ul><li>Please take me with you on your travels over the next week, </li></ul><ul><li>then mail me back, with a short story about the fun things I did, </li></ul><ul><li>in the envelope that came with me! </li></ul><ul><li>Thanks for having me! </li></ul><ul><li>Flat Riddley Diddley </li></ul>
  3. 3. Here is Flat Riddley Diddley in Mommom’s mailbox! What a nice surprise!
  4. 4. Flat Riddley Diddley is saying hello to Pimmy who is lying by her favorite tree. Pimmy sniffs him and likes him a lot.
  5. 5. Then Flat Riddley Diddley says hello to Brinks who is in his crate. Brinks sniffs him and he likes him a lot too! Brinks is so shaggy you can hardly see his eyes! He needs a haircut!
  6. 6. Who does Flat Riddley Diddley find hiding under the rosemary plant?
  7. 7. Mommom has to unload a lot of topsoil from the car. Flat Riddley Diddley is wearing a plastic sheet cover so he doesn’t get too dirty.
  8. 8. Look who he finds in the “nursery” garden! Mommom starts baby plants in this nursery and then plants them in a different garden when they get big enough. The red flag says “Peony.”
  9. 9. Be careful climbing on that woodpile, Flat Riddley Diddley! Just look at all the wood Grandpa will have to chop for the fireplace!
  10. 10. Who’s that swinging on the gate?
  11. 11. And who is bouncing around on the pine branch?
  12. 12. Flat Riddley Diddley looks at a funny kind of birdbath. Don’t jump in, Flat Riddley Diddley! It’s for the birds , not you! Mommom put some stones in for the birds to stand on to shake themselves dry.
  13. 13. A tomato grew in the woods! Will Flat Riddley Diddley eat it?
  14. 14. Flat Riddley Diddley is picking a big flower. What color is it? Will he put it in a glass of water to keep it fresh?
  15. 15. Flat Riddley Diddley finds a lot of plum tomatoes near the back door. What are all those boards for? Grandpa will use them to build Mommom’s new deck!
  16. 16. Flat Riddley Diddley finds a bug! It is climbing up the wire next to the side door.
  17. 17. Flat Riddley Diddley and the bug look at each other. They are not afraid. They are just looking and looking.
  18. 18. Here is the bug. Mommom says he is a very old and tired Differentiated Grasshopper who has lost his wings. He is about to retire from his summer work
  19. 19. Flat Riddley Diddley finds a new friend. It’s KCQ the cat. KCQ is sniffing Flat Riddley Diddley. He likes him a lot.
  20. 20. Here, KCQ. Would you like a Salmon Kitty Treat?
  21. 21. KCQ says “YUM YUM! Thank you Flat Riddley Diddley!”
  22. 22. KCQ is showing Flat Riddley Diddley his bed. It is an igloo that is warm in winter. In summer KCQ sleeps on the cool floor.
  23. 23. KCQ says, “Now you have seen my bedroom, Flat Riddley Diddley. Lets go out and play Drag The String now.” Flat Riddley Diddley asks “What is that game?”
  24. 24. KCQ says, “It’s my favorite game! You drag the string and I chase the string. It’s really fun!” KCQ’s real name is Kitty Cat Quantum. He makes quantum leaps when he and Flat Riddley Diddley play Drag The String.
  25. 25. Time out for naps! Mommom and KCQ love naps. Does Flat Riddley Diddley like naps? KCQ takes naps in all kinds of places, not just his igloo! He sometimes sleeps on the pillows and sometimes sleeps on a bookcase! When he is cozy and happy, he purrs and purrs.
  26. 26. Flat Riddley Diddley is standing on Mommom’s mailbox. What is parked out there??? WOW!
  27. 27. What a big truck with a big flatbed trailer behind it! Flat Riddley Diddley is very excited to be allowed to climb up on the trailer.
  28. 28. And this digging machine is what came on that big truck. Flat Riddley Diddley asks if he can sit with the driver.
  29. 29. Sure you can, Flat Riddley Diddley! And if you look in the ditch you will find my helper. Wasn’t that fun?
  30. 30. What a deep hole!
  31. 31. Now Grandpa is enjoying his chocolate milk and an apple and nuts and reading the paper and watching the news. Flat Riddley Diddley is telling Grandpa all about the truck and the very deep hole.
  32. 32. What good adventures will Flat Riddley Diddley have next?? He is up on Mommom’s desk looking at pictures of… who do you think?
  33. 33. Come again and find out! Flat Riddley Diddley’s adventure has not ended yet! He will have a few more days to visit before Mommom has to mail him back!