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Great Minds on INDIA


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I am pleased to present here my reseach-based book, entitled ‘Great Minds on INDIA’, containing the quotes of the world renowned intellectual giants on ancient Indian literature. This fervent appreciation of classical knowledge and wisdom by the wisest of the wise rational scholars from the West must be a matter nation’s pride and a subject to be made aware to all and one. Yes indeed, it is quite astonishing that all these truths about richness of Indian system of knowledge have been less discussed or brought to light in INDIA. So far our students have not been encouraged to learn in schools or colleges about the timeless philosophies as the Vedanta, Yoga literature, and the likes in any manner which in fact have become a core source of inspiration for many of the secular and rational Western poets, philosophers, scientists et al.

One wonders in amazement why we are not being taught in the schools the fact that Pythagoras came to India to learn Geometry and Spiritualism all the way from Greece who was quite senior to Socrates and Plato.

The publication of this book is intended exclusively for the dissemination of the time immemorial secular and value-based wisdom of this ancient land.

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