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Secure guard


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Secure guard

  1. 1. An Initiative to Aware..
  2. 2. Be Alert !!Radiations from Cell phone can cause :Brain Tumour Heart-AttackCancer Miscarriage
  3. 3. Common Problems due to Cell phone radiation
  4. 4. Heres what happens when our cell is exposed to cell phone radiationA sensor in the membrane of the biological cell is triggered by the invadingradio wave.Once the membrane recognition occurs, a series of protective biochemicalreactions are initiated inside the cell as a means of cellular protection.Among these protective reactions are stress protein responses that serve toeffectively “harden” the cell membrane and disrupt active transport.The “membrane hardening” effect then causes an intracellular build-up ofwaste products and toxins, including highly reactive free radicals.These free radicals have been shown in studies to result in both cellulardysfunction (evidenced by studies showing leakage in the blood-brain barrierfollowing Electromagnetic Radiation exposure), and in interference with normalDNA repair processes (evidenced by studies showing the presence ofmicronuclei in cells following Electromagnetic Radiation exposure). Theseeffects have been shown to lead to formation of disease. Several experimentshave shown these effects eliminated when Electromagnetic Radiationexposure was removed.
  5. 5. We have the proven solution for theharmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation emits from Cell phone
  6. 6. The ConceptAn American Scientist, after years of back-breaking research andstudies, invented an Electromagnetic Radiation shieldingneutralizer designed to compensate the negative effects ofElectromagnetic Radiation on the human body. The man-made electromagnetic fields are structurally different from the electromagnetic fields found in nature including the subtle low frequency electromagnetic fields that our bodys cells use to communicate with each other. The natural fields are RANDOM (or "noisy") in their frequency, amplitude and waveform, whereas the artificial Electromagnetic Field are REGULAR and constant. For example, Electromagnetic Field from cell phones appear as regular bursts of microwave radiation, Electromagnetic Field from computer-monitors are saw-tooth shapes, and Electromagnetic Field fromAC-powered devices are sinusoidal. Our cells respond negativelyto such regular fields, become stressed and try to protectthemselves.
  7. 7. The ConceptAs we have seen that radiations emit from mobilephone are structured in nature which badly affecthuman body cells. Now the technology derives thateffects of these structured electromagnetic field caneasily be minimized by superimposing artificialrandom field or „noise field‟.This theory doesn’t affect the strength of radiationshence it doesn’t effect on signal strength of mobilephone.
  8. 8. We are presenting an Anti Radiation Chip- “Secure Guard” Way for better healthy LifeThe Positive Effects of EMR protective chip – „Secure Guard‟:Reduces Radiation from Electronics Applied ObjectsIncrease Blood CirculationHelp to Relax Tense MusclesNormalize Physiological FunctionsImprove Concentration and FocusStrengthen the Bodys Immune SystemReduces StressImproves Body EnergyRelaxes Migraine and HeadacheEnables a good night sleepRelieves Persistent Neck and Shoulder AchingReduces Back Pain.
  9. 9. Authenticity of Anti Radiation Chip – „Secure Guard’Following are the tests which itself proves the Authenticity of SecureGuard chip. Test -1 : Live Blood Cell Test ProtocolMETHOD AND MATERIALSLive Blood Cell Analysis is conducted according to the standard methodology. Adrop of blood sample is taken from the finger tip of the subject not introduced toEMR of cellular phone. This sample is placed on a specimen slide in a series oflayers. After the layers dry, they are observed under the microscope. Digitalcamera attached to microscope takes a picture of the sample.Then the same subject uses cellular phone in standard operating position withoutSecure Guard Anti Radiation Chip for 5 minutes and the drop of blood sample istaken from the finger tip one more time. Sample is observed under themicroscope, and digital camera takes another picture.Afterwards, the same subject uses cellular phone in standard operating positionwith without Secure Guard Anti Radiation Chip for another 5 minutes and thedrop of blood sample is taken from the finger tip and observed undermicroscope. All three images are compared and analysed. The image of theblood sample taken after exposure of the subject to EMR of cellular phonewithout Secure Guard Anti Radiation Chip shows the patterns known as Rouleauformation of red blood cells. Blood cells are stacked forming worm-like patterns.
  10. 10. The image of the blood sample taken after 5 minutes exposure of subject toelectromagnetic radiation of mobile phone without Secure Guard AntiRadiation Chip shows the patterns known as Rouleau formation of red bloodcells. Blood cells are stacked forming worm-like patterns. It usually developssuch symptoms as fatigue, shortness of breath, and poor blood circulation inhands and feet because red blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen.The image of the blood sample of the same subject after 5 minutes exposureto electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone with Secure Guard Anti RadiationChip shows immediate restoration and improvement of blood cellsmorphology.The comparison of the images with control one appears to indicate that theinstallation of Secure Guard Anti Radiation Chip on cellular phone provides theimprovement of the human blood morphology and may compensate againstthe harmful effect of EMR exposure.
  11. 11. Test -2 : Thermographic Sample Test ProtocolThermography, also called thermal imaging or infrared imaging, is anadvanced non-invasive technique based on mapping the temperatureprofiles on the surface of an object. When cellular telephone technologywas initially introduced, it was thought that these devices were incapable ofgenerating heat and that no thermal effects on tissue was taking place as aresult of the radio frequency (RF) radiation. It is now common knowledgethat there are both thermal and non-thermal effects of cell phone microwaveradiation. Through the use of thermographic imaging, the thermal effects ofradiation through a cellular phone are profiled. IntroductionEpidemiological research for the last fifty years has identified an undeniablelink between EMFs and diseases such as cancer, leukemia,neurodegenerative disorders and hormonal disruption. Since the inundationof our environment by pervasive forms of wireless technologies,investigators have been able to determine a relationship between radiofrequency magnetic fields such as those generated by cell phones and theirtowers and disease related to documented genetic damage to peripheralblood lymphocytes, micronuclei, and blood brain barrier (BBB) leakage.Further findings have implicated radio frequency radiation in causing sleepdisorders and many other physiological anomalies.
  12. 12. "Temperature as an indicator of human health is quite ancient and has beenreported to have been practiced by Hippocrates himself. Thermography, as amedical imaging tool, is based on the fact that body exhibits bilateral thermalsymmetry.” When radio frequency cellular phones were first introduced justover twenty years ago, they were believed to not possess enough radiation tocause any thermal effects and not enough information was present at that timeon the non-thermal effects. “Subtle changes in the heat content of tissue mayonly be perceivable to a minimal portion of the population that is either heatsensitive or electrically hypersensitive. The ability to detect and measure thethermal energy emitted from any object is known as Thermography. Theinstruments used to measure the thermal energy are infrared cameras, andthese cameras convert the invisible infrared spectrum into thermal images thatcan be translated into a photograph. Many wavelengths of the electromagneticspectrum are too long to be detected by the human eye and these are referredto as thermal or infrared energy. These wavelengths are perceived by the bodyas heat. Everything has a temperature, and through the use of Thermographythe temperature, and any temperature changes, can be measured using theinfrared camera. The images produced clearly show the heating effects of theinfrared or "heat" radiation and not surprisingly which will show us the heatingcaused by cellular phones or any radiating device capable of causing thermalchange."
  13. 13. By measuring the temperature change caused by RF radiation, it can beproven that not only do cells phones radiate but that the thermal affects can bequantified and therefore any device capable of reducing these effects are ableto reduce non-thermal radiation effects as well.Thermography Sample Test Procedure for „Secure Guard‟ Anti RadiationAll thermographic imaging is conducted using standard Thermographyprocedures, as per the guidelines from the Standards and Protocols in ClinicalThermographic Imaging released by the International Academy of Clinical Thermography.Three studies are conducted using a Compix Infrared Scanner. The firstimaging establishes a baseline thermographic image and temperature of thesubject. The subject then talks on a cell phone for thirty-three minutes and thesecond image and temperature are recorded. A Secure Guard Anti RadiationChip is then placed on the cell phone near the internal antenna position andthe subject talks again for thirty-three minutes on the cell phone and the thirdimage and temperature findings are recorded.
  14. 14. Result :The baseline (control) temperature was 36.7 C. The temperature changecaused by the radiation from the unprotected cell phone was 1.4 C. Thetemperature change caused by the radiation from the protected phone was0.5 C. It is observed that there has been a large scale heating of the tissues ofthe head and face compared to the baseline and a large reduction of this bio-thermal effect caused by the Secure Guard Anti Radiation Chip.
  15. 15. How to apply Secure Guard chip on Cell phone1. Clean back of the cell phone.2. Remove paper from back side of Secure Guard chip.3. Fix chip on back side of phone near to Antenna.
  16. 16. Therefore, with the habit of applying ‘Secure Guard’ onCell phone and every electronic gadgets like Television,Refrigerator etc. which emits harmful EMR, we willsurely be able to enjoy a better healthy life.
  17. 17. Thank you for your patience and being with us.Contact us :SG EnterprisesQuery / Information : info@antiradiationchip.inOrder : order@antiradiationchip.inWebsite :