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The Motivated Consumer and The Quantified Self


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A talk on the current phenomenon of individuals tracking their own personal information, especially as related to health. Several factors that are driving the adoption of self-tracking devices, apps and methods including: the shrinking size and cost of sensors, increased availability and use of mobile phones, the growing culture of sharing, the rise of cloud computing and the emergence of improved design.

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The Motivated Consumer and The Quantified Self

  1. 1. The motivated consumer!and the quantified self!STEVEN DEAN!@sgdean!
  2. 2. CHRISTMAS 1972!
 GREEN GREEN BROWN Rate of spilling sugar
  5. 5. 46
  6. 6. Image / Factory 20!
  7. 7. Flickr: srgblog!
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  9. 9. Flickr: and parsecs to go!
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  12. 12. Sensors!Mobile!Sharing!Cloud!Design!
  13. 13. If we can measure it,!we can improve it.!
  14. 14. “I eat less when Iʼm happy.”!
  15. 15. “Iʼm seeing if exercise helps my mood.”!
  16. 16. “I finished my first marathon.”!
  17. 17. The Quantified Self!
  18. 18. Weight! Goals!Exercise! Relations!Food! Runs!Mood! Words!Sleep! Silence!Time! Coffee!Money! Dreams!Location! Books!Energy! …!Calories!Steps!
  19. 19. Sensors!Mobile!Sharing!Cloud!Design!
  20. 20. Image: Mustafa Bagdatli!
  21. 21. “We want our health to become a number. That is one ofthe reasons why we seem to be at the beginning of a realCambrian Explosion of ʻHealth Internet Thingsʼ andtracking gadgets. !Everything in our bathroom or pharmacy will soon havea display and…all of these displays will want to connect,thereby producing a real-time, ever-changing picture ofour ambient health.” !- futurist Walter de Brouwer!
  22. 22. Image: Feltron Annual Report 2009!
  23. 23. Image: Feltron Annual Report 2009!
  24. 24. Image: Feltron Annual Report 2009!
  25. 25. Thank you.!STEVEN DEAN!@sgdean!!