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How can we influence and provide positive examples for troubled inner-city youth? By designing a voluntary weekend retreat for selected 9th graders within the New York City public system, we provide a framework to instill positive values and behaviors. By Parsons Design + Management students: Jamie Rowley, Tia Martin, Sheridan Stavac

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Reclaim Camp

  1. 1. reclaim Jamie Rowley Tia Martin Sheridan Stavac
  2. 2. Concept Development DANCE CRIME HEALTH reclaim
  3. 3. Problem Statement How can we influence and provide positive examples for troubled inner-city youth? reclaim
  4. 4. Brainstorming reclaim
  5. 5. Research reclaim
  6. 6. Jamie Rowley • Counseling Research Camp o 1:45-3:30 • New Beginnings • Reclaim Activity 2 o 3:45-4:30 • Ages Pack o School-aged children of all backgrounds Clean-up o Age separation o 4:30-5:00 o Sex separation o Separation due to severity of “crime” Group discussion/recap • Mission Reflection on weekend o To educate and improve the lifestyles of troubled inner-city youth o 5:15-6:15 • Programs Dinner o Nutrition o 6:15-7:00 o Self-esteem o Drug awareness Ending ceremony o Team building o 7:30 o Community outreach/volunteer Departure o Theme programs for “violence” • Location o Upstate NY Kit “Ingredients” • Funding • Hard-cover “book” o Government grants o Personalized group t-shirt o Private sponsorship o Personalized rock o Fund-raisers o Snack o Awareness campaigns • Admission Apple o 100 per weekend Carrots o Referred by a counselor Juice o Bag inspection o Group based itinerary o 1 warning while in camp before dismissal Fun pictures and images Case-to-case basis • Administration o Group handkerchief for capture the flag o Volunteers o Strip of leather for bracelet making o Minimal paid faculty Training is required Unpacking o Based upon child’s “stability” o 10:00 • Transportation Lights out o Shuttle o Friday afternoon departure • Saturday o Sunday evening return o Ride to location with designated group o 7:30 o Group kit Wake up T-shirt o 8:00 – 9:00 Activity clues Breakfast • Rock o 9:15- 11:30 o Group identity • End Activity 1 o Gift to reflect upon and remember experience o 11:45-12:30 o Month probationary period before re-admission Lunch Camp counselor meeting to follow up o 12:45-1:30 • Education o Teacher workshops Group Bonding o Bi-annual public seminars • Discussions o Parental education • Counseling • Research o 1:45-3:30 o Other camps Activity 2 o DARE o Outward Bound o 3:45-4:15 o Psychology Snack • Fun o 4:30-6:00 o Mix of fun AND education Education • Curriculum* Discussions o Hour by hour? o Kit? o 6:15-7:15 o Book? Dinner • Branding Nutrition education o Image of camp o 7:30-9:30 o Image of bus o All-over image Whole camp activity o 9:45-10:15 PROTOTYPES!! In rooms Bunk discussion/reflection • Can only attend twice o 10:30 • Forced to face alternate consequences if removed from camp Lights out • Sunday • 10/group o 7:30 Intenerary Wake up • Friday o 8:00 – 9:00 o 5:00 Pick-up at school Breakfast Group bus o 9:15- 11:30 reclaim Snacks Activity 1 o 7:30 o 11:45-12:30 Arrive at camp Lunch o 8:00-9:00 Dinner o 12:45-1:30 Opening ceremony Group Bonding o 9:15-9:45 • Discussions Bunk meeting Discussion
  7. 7. Personas Campers reclaim
  8. 8. Personas Adult Authority Figures reclaim
  9. 9. Opportunities We have identified the following camp experiences as opportunities to be developed upon: • Transportation to camp • Kit • Introduction to weekend • Adult Education • Diverse Camp Programs • Comprehensive Follow-up reclaim
  10. 10. Needs & Features Need Feature Camper Counselor To establish authority To have structure To have positive Bus Ride peer communities To learn to trust Kit Counseling To feel safe Camp Activities To be challenged Follow-up To feel needed To self- assess reclaim
  11. 11. STORYBOARD Storyboard reclaim
  12. 12. STORYBOARD Storyboard reclaim reclaim
  13. 13. STORYBOARD Storyboard reclaim reclaim
  14. 14. Transportation to Camp Picked up at school Receive kit Prototyping - Bus Meet group leader (in van) for weekend Ride in customized vans with group Group bonding exercis- es (name group/ create song/rap) Meet group leader (in van) for weekend reclaim
  15. 15. o v Bus Prototyping - Bus e Driver r Reclaim h Enthusiastic F e Positive Trust irst Aid Successful a d Positive Strengh Movement Positive S Develop Healthy Movement Happy t Happy o Tra sh r Restore a Team g Develop Develop e S h d o o g v e e a a e r r t Improve Improve Healthy reclaim
  16. 16. PROTOTYPE 1- BUS Prototyping - Bus Final Prototype: reclaim reclaim Luggage Rack Seating First-aid Kit Cooler/Refrigerator First-aid Kit reclaim Cooler/Refrigerator reclaim reclaim
  17. 17. Prototyping - Kit Kit capture the flag flag Reclaim t-shirt leather rock journal juice carrots apple reclaim
  18. 18. Prototyping - Kit reclaim
  19. 19. OTYPE 3 - KIT Prototyping - Kit reclaim reclaim reclaim
  20. 20. Prototyping - Experience Transportation to Camp Picked up at school Receive kit Meet group leader (in van) for weekend Ride in customized vans with group Group bonding exercis- es (name group/ create song/rap) Meet group leader (in van) for weekend reclaim
  21. 21. Future Development Follow-up End of camp Campers set goal Take Leather Bracelets as Reminder 2 weeks Camp counselor visits school to meet with guidance counselor and camper 1 month • Fund-raisers • Incorporation of multiple Reunion meeting Campers discuss goals/successes grade levels Ongoing E-mail/ Texting support • Inclusion of private/ Monthly alumni meetings religious schools Camper Programs Nutrition Drug-Awareness • Expansion into summer Friday Saturday Sunday Self-Esteem Building 5:00 7:30 7:30 Team Building Pick-up at school Wake up Wake up Group bus 8:00 – 9:00 8:00 – 9:00 camps Snacks Breakfast Breakfast 7:30 9:15- 11:30 9:15- 11:30 Arrive at camp Activity 1 Activity 1 8:00-9:00 11:45-12:30 11:45-12:30 • Opening camps in other Dinner Lunch Lunch Opening ceremony 12:45-1:30 12:45-1:30 9:15-9:45 Group Bonding Group Bonding Bunk meeting Discussions Discussions locations and states Discussion Counseling Counseling Unpacking 1:45-3:30 1:45-3:30 10:00 Activity 2 Activity 2 Lights out 3:45-4:15 3:45-4:30 Snack Pack 4:30-6:00 Clean-up Education 4:30-5:00 Discussions Group discussion/recap 6:15-7:15 Reflection on weekend Dinner 5:15-6:15 Nutrition education Dinner 7:30-9:30 6:15-7:00 Whole camp activity Ending ceremony 9:45-10:15 7:30 reclaim In rooms Departure Bunk discussion/reflection 10:30 Lights out
  22. 22. Limitations • Ensuring that campers change in a posi- tive manner. • Unstable group dynamics. • Inability for campers to connect with peers, their counselor, or their group as a whole. reclaim
  23. 23. Bibliography • A Typical Day.” Eckerd Academy. 20 Feb. 2008 <>. • Fry, Barbara. Telephone interview. 25 Feb. 2008. • “List of Suspendable and Expellable Offenses.” Grossmont Union High School District. 7 Mar. 2008 <>. • “Programs for At-Risk Youth, Schools, and Communities.” Outward Bound Discovery. 20 Feb. 2008 <>. • “SUWS Youth Wilderness Program.” SUWS. 20 Feb. 2008 <>. reclaim