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Vision project Sara Gaviria stsu 1100-003


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Published in: Education
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Vision project Sara Gaviria stsu 1100-003

  1. 1. Sports (rock School Subjectsclimbing, ringette, swimming (Math, Biology, and Sport and Snow boarding) Science courses) Listening to Socializing with Friends and music, Watching TV Family. and, Surfing the web.
  2. 2. Winning 3 bronze medals at the LMR champs competition.Wining 2011 U 19B provincials.Graduating from High schoolBeing able to pick up the sport rock climbing in about 4 monthsand started competing nationally and internationally.
  3. 3. Interactive skillsCapable of Developing creating Peoplenew ideas Skills Capable of Technical coordinating Skills events
  4. 4.  For my working style, I like working with others for the most part but I definitely need time to work on my own. I don’t mind a job that requires a little bit of risk taking but not over the top risk taking. I would love to work in an athletic environment, and doing hands-on work as I consider myself to be a dynamic person.
  5. 5. Plan and manage Asking questionstime, money, and when I don’t Finding differentother resources to understand ways of problem achieve goals. something. solving. Accepting Presenting in front feedback of a group of people especially when it comes to sharing my point of view.
  6. 6. Working independently or as a team.Recognizing other peoples good efforts.Being flexible: respect, being open toothers thoughts, opinions andcontributions of others in groups.Being accountable for my actions andthe actions of my groupSeeking different points of view andevaluating them based on facts.
  7. 7. Provide players with Teach athletes how to Develop training Assess and treat Refer injured athletes to tensorprevent injuries through programs for players athletes’ injuries doctors if needed bandages, braces, andstretching and exercise recovering from injury other equipment
  8. 8. I like sports and I like creating like helping plans in an others prevent organized matter injuries. Working as anathletic therapist would still allow My past jobs me to keep in have been in the contact with sport team sports and will industry.even maybe allow me to travel with a sports team.
  9. 9. Average AnnualEmploymentIncome 3144 All occupations(Full-Time, Full-Year)Full-time, full-year 32.2% 53.2%Average income 33,722 45,1570- 19999$ 30.8% 16.5%20000- 49999$ 46.2% 52.4%50000$ and over 23.1% 31.1%
  10. 10. Main Labour Market 3144 All occupationsIndicatorsEmployment, 700 3,859,200average 2007- 2009EI Claimants in 2009 5 168,350Average AnnualGrowth Rate 2010- 5.0% 0.9%2014Annual Employment 40 36,650Variation 2010- 2014Annual Attrition 35 122,8502010- 2014Total Annual Needs 75 159,5002010- 2014
  11. 11. Students who are accepted on transfer from other institutionsmust normally complete all remaining courses toward theBachelor of Kinesiology at UBC. A maximum of 60 transfercredits will normally be granted. The University will not granta degree for studies that represent less than the equivalentof two regular Winter Sessions (60 credits).In general, transfer credit is limited to the initial two years ofa degree program. Credit at a more senior level may bepossible if prior written permission has been granted by theSchools Undergraduate Advising Centre. A student wishingto take courses at another institution and transfer the credittoward a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree must first obtain aLetter of Permission from the Schools UndergraduateAdvising Centre. It is the students responsibility to forwardan official transcript to Enrolment Services, Admissions.
  12. 12. Tuition : $4,608Student Fees: $823Books: $1,400
  13. 13. Fees per credit* Adult Graduat Trades & Credit BasicFee Type e ESL Vocational Technolog Courses Educatio Courses y n WeeklyBeg WeeklyBeg Courses 070 up to 100-400 700 All inning Fall inning Fallnumbered 099 2011 2011 Tuition $126.26 $0.00 $506.79 $53.66 $126.26 $104.55Ancillary $12.63 $5.37 $12.63 $5.37 $12.63 $10.46 Fee Total $138.89 $5.37 $519.42 $59.03 $138.89 $115.013 credit $1,558.2 $416.67 $16.11 $177.09 $416.67 $345.03course 64 credit $2,077.6 $555.56 $21.48 $236.11 $555.56 $460.04course 8 Typical 16-week semester $2,222.24 $1,840.16
  14. 14.  Second-year entry from universityIn order to be admitted to the second year ofthe Bachelor of Kinesiology degree program,applicants must have completed the followingrequirements:• KPE 170 (or equivalent) with a C+ or better• KPE 161 and 163 with an average grade ofC+ or better• Three credits of a university-level English orCommunications course• An additional 16 university-level credits (eitherKPE or non-KPE)• An overall GPA of 2.65 or better on allrequired courses
  15. 15. Massage PhysiotherapistTherapist
  16. 16. Timemanaging skills Note Taking
  17. 17.  Most of my interest and the world around me revolve around sports, if I’m not at school or at home I’m usually somewhere in town that has either an ice arena, swimming pool, or a rock climbing gym. As for other things, I care for others, respect them, and attempt to humor them when ever its needed.
  18. 18. As for the most part I don’t have everythingto be whom I want to be, but what I dohave is some little steps to build upon whatI have and strive for the missing pieces.For starters I will continue to have adaily, weekly and monthly schedule of theactivities that are allowing me become whoI want to become. I will also break downmy long-term goals into short-term goalsso in that way I can see some progressand not feel devastated for not fastachievements.
  19. 19. I do have dreams that I want to achieveone day, but first comes the plan on howI will achieve my dreams. I will continuegoing to post- secondary to keep up withmy education and even personal growth.I will stay enrolled in at least one extracurricular activity. I will developconnections with other people with thesame and different interest that I have.
  20. 20. First semester of college has been quitethe roller-coaster ride I have to say. Ihave met a variety of people that haveallowed me to view some things in adifferent perspective.
  21. 21.  First I will start with the near future. I want to continue being a student athlete and I want to qualify for the Pan-Americans in Venezuela next November and qualify for westerns with my ringette team. As for far in the future I want to graduate either from UBC or UFV with an degree in kinesiology, with a pretty stable relationship and still being involved in athletics.
  22. 22.  Looking at the future career that I want have and who I want to be I’m on the right track, my interests seem to be pretty stable and I don’t see them changing any time soon. Sure there will be more responsibilities coming towards me in the near future but I’m sure I will just need to enhance those time- managing skill that I will be working on from now on and I will be ready for what is to come at me.
  23. 23.  In the future I want to be an honest, caring, person that has graduated from either UBC or UFV with a degree in Kinesiology looking to get into Athletic Therapy. Meanwhile keeping up with my own athletic interests and hopefully also being capable of having a steady relationship with a special someone that accepts me for who I am.