Request for Proposal


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A request for proposal submission to the Niagara College School of Business Management for a student recognition event

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Request for Proposal

  1. 1. Request For Proposal:School of Business and Management Recognition Event Casey Farley Shannon Gaskell Kristen George Lesa Holmes Kaitlyn MacDonald Amelia Peralta Klassic Events
  2. 2. Jim Butko, Chair, School of Business and ManagementNiagara College135 Taylor RoadNiagara-on-the-Lake, OntarioL0S 1J0 December 3rd, 2010Re: RFP: School of Business and Management Recognition EventDear Jim Butko,We are responding to your request for proposal for a Niagara College School of Business andManagement Recognition Event. We understand that you wish to hire event planners to developand implement an evening to honour the achievement of the Business and Managementstudents and staff. We also understand the goals and objectives of the recognition event youwish to have developed and implemented. This being said, Klassic Events is pleased to presentTake Flight, Niagara College Future Business Leaders Awards 2011 an awards and recognitionreception for the school of Business and Management students, faculty, staff and award donors.Klassic Events is very interested in helping you to formulate and execute this event. The KlassicEvents committee has very diverse backgrounds and a wide range of skills. We are confident thatwe can make your event extremely successful.We would like to express our appreciation for the opportunity to respond to your proposalrequest and enthusiastically present our vision for this event. Thank you for your time, and welook forward to working with you in the future.Sincerely, Lesa Holmes Casey Farley Shannon Gaskell Kaitlyn MacDonald Kristen George Amelia Peralta Klassic Events
  3. 3. Proprietary Clause.All ideas and concepts detailed in the enclosed proposal have been developed exclusivelyby Klassic Events for The Niagara College School of Business Management, on December 3rd,2010 and are considered by Klassic Events to be of a proprietary nature. These ideas andconcepts remain the property of Klassic Events.In this respect, The Niagara College School of Business Management must honour ourproprietary rights to the content of this proposal and refrain from disclosing its contents toour competitors or any third party. Unauthorized use of these ideas and concepts is strictlyprohibited.All documents, written proposals and other materials submitted by Klassic Events shall bereturned to Klassic Events upon request. Klassic Events
  4. 4. Project Overview.Take Flight, Niagara College Future Business Leaders Awards 2011 is an awards and rec-ognition reception for the school of Business and Management students, faculty, staff andaward donors. It will be the perfect opportunity to identify and honour the students in theSchool of Business and Management who have shown exemplary work, as well as recog-nize the high achievements of the department’s faculty and staff.This awards and recognition reception will be held at The Core, the recently renovated pubat the Niagara College, Welland Campus. The event will start at 7:00pm for attendeeregistrations and the initial reception, the awards ceremony beginning promptly at 7:30pm.For the guest’s enjoyment there will be simple hors d’oeuvres, a complimentary glass ofwine, as well as a cash bar serving wine from Niagara College’s own teaching winery.The awards will be given away in groups which will be decided by the event committeealongside the School of Business and Management, with breaks in between to allow forsocialization and celebration. We have proposed Larry Bitner, a Certified BusinessCounsellor and a faculty member of Niagara College, as the emcee for the event withawards being handed out by the faculty and the award donors.Take Flight. will be extremely successful in recognizing the achievement of the students,faculty and staff of the School of Business and Management. The event will develop a com-fortable atmosphere where award winning students will engage with their award donors.Finally, the event will act as a celebration creating lasting memories for all attendees andparticipants.
  5. 5. 5 W’sWhat: Take Flight, Niagara College Future Business Leaders Awards 2011, an awards andrecognition reception.Who: For the for the award winning students, high achieving faculty and staff from theSchool of Business and Management and award donors.Where: The Core Niagara College – Welland Campus 300 Woodlawn Road Welland, OnWhen: Friday April 15th, 2011 7:00– 10pm (registration from 7– 7:30pm)Why: To recognize students from the School of Business and Management who have wonawards for outstanding performance and to recognize the hard working staff and faculty .This will help to build relationships between the professors, donors and the students thatwill extend beyond school, thus building relationships with alumni and creating industrycontacts.
  6. 6. Site.The event will be held at The Core, the recently renovated Niagara College Welland Campuspub. This site is conducive to your event because it has the capacity that is needed to ac-commodate the amount of people required for both scenario A and B. This venue also has astage which is required for the awards ceremony. We feel that The Core is the best optionfor an event of this nature as it not only has the capacity to showcase the School of Busi-ness Management and it’s award winning students, but it is also a good opportunity to util-ize the facilities at the College’s disposal. A Niagara College event of this magnitude shouldremain on Niagara College grounds to emphasize that this is an NC event for NC students,faculty and staff. Theme.The theme that we have chosen to represent Niagara College School of Business and Man-agement Awards is “Take Flight.” The theme describes our future business leaders who areflourishing, or taking flight, in the various business programs that Niagara College offers.We chose Take flight because it is the start to a new beginning for students, the chance toexperience new challenges and opportunities. The various new and exciting roles each ofthese students will embark upon will reflect the education they have acquired from theschool of business and management. Another way to interpret our theme of take flight is“the sky’s the limit”, meaning these students can achieve anything if they put their mindsto. Décor.Take flight, Niagara College Future Business Leader’s Awards 2011 will use soft skylight col-ours to represent the theme of “take flight”. The room will be filled with soft blues, whites,yellows, and oranges. In our logo we have a lightly coloured bird which helps pull togetherour theme by using appropriate colours to match out theme. We will represent our themethrough sky blue table cloths, our centerpieces, and various decorations around the room.The décor will set a light, airy ambiance to the room. The colours will be calm and relaxingand allow for the night to be an enjoyable evening.
  7. 7. Hospitality.Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by volunteers at a registration table set up outside ofthe Core that will confirm their attendance, provide them with their beverage ticket fortheir complimentary glass of wine and will also be on hand to provide them with the eve-ning’s printed program.As the evening will be held in March, there is a strong likelihood that the weather will stillwarrant bulky outdoor wear. There will also be a complimentary coat check that we will en-courage attendees to use in order to limit the amount of coats and outdoor accessories be-ing draped over chairs in the venue. This will also allow guests to have their hands free andbe comfortable to walk around and mingle without having to carry their jackets with themall evening.The evening will begin at 7PM after the usual dinner time leaving no need to provide a fullmeal as guests would have had the opportunity to eat a full meal prior to arriving. As a re-sult, attendees will be offered light refreshments that will include: Vegetable and dip Cheese tray and crackers Fruit platter Dessert tray One complimentary glass of either red or wine Niagara College wine All you can drink soft drink station Coffee and teaThis will avoid the unnecessary expense and time commitment of a sit down dinner and willgive guests the opportunity to mingle with other attendees without being bound to a singletable all evening.The food will be provided by the Core’s catering service, as part of the Student Administra-tive Council and will also includes access to a cash bar should patrons wish to purchase ad-ditional beverages not already provided.
  8. 8. Technical.The technical requirements that we have for this event are a microphone, a projector, aprojection screen and lighting. The Core has all of the technical equipment required for thisevent in good working condition. Another technical feature we will be adding to the eventis photography. We will have a media student from Niagara College taking pictures at theevent, specifically of the award winning student accepting their awards and these studentswith their award donors. These photos will then be made accessible online if participantswish to save these photographs. Operations.Our operations team will consist of the Klassic Events committee, the School of Businessand Management committee, our volunteers, and other stakeholders. Few volunteers willbe needed for this event however those that we do recruit will consist of volunteers fromNiagara College. The administration process will be an integral part of our event. We willneed to quickly and clearly identify and distinguish our attendees as award winning stu-dents, staff, faculty, award donors or others before the event commences. Nametags willbe given out during registration to clearly identify donors, award recipients, and faculty.Registration for this event will occur at the front entrance of the Core and will include ticketcollection, brief instructions for award recipients, and a collection of contact informationfor photography purposes. Health & Safety.The venue selected is in compliance with all sanitation regulations, is accessible and haseasy access to restroom facilities. To ensure that there is a good communication systembetween the staff and volunteers, there will be radios and cell phones to contact the per-sonnel, the emergency departments and vendors as required. The volunteer coordinatorwill make sure that the production schedule is posted in the volunteer area. All emergencycontacts and phone numbers from the vendors, suppliers and staff will post in the volun-teer and staff area. The policies and procedures will be included in the operations manual.In case of an emergency, there will be an incident report that is going to provide a writtenrecord of any particular emergency situation. The Venue will offer enough parking spots forall the people assisting to the event. Another important consideration that the venue is incompliance with is the easy access of the emergency vehicles and access for vendors andsuppliers.
  9. 9. Entertainment.Entertainment is a major component of the “Take Flight. Niagara College Future BusinessLeaders Awards 2011” event. Communicating award winners through an award presenta-tion ceremony will the primary source of entertainment. An outline of this ceremony canbe seen in the production schedule. Each award and winner will be announced by facultyor a donor and received by the award winner on the stage at the Core. During any Cocktailand Mingle periods, ambient background music will play. Graphics.The graphics required for this particular event will include:Printed Materials: Event documentation- meeting minutes, budgets, event plans, nametags/lanyards for event committee & volunteers, guest lists, award lists, production sched-ules, time lines, policies and proceduresCollateral Materials: Event elements and activities- programs, attendee lists at the registra-tion table, schedules of evening’s eventsMarketing Materials: Provide information- Invitations, posters, banners, applications, inter-net programs (face book, email)Signage: Posters, directional signage, banners Legal.All the insurances and permits required for this event are covered by the venue. Thevenue has a license to provide alcoholic beverages during this event and it is able to pro-vide food in compliance with all the safety and health and regulations of Ontario. All theaudio visual equipment rented, will have an insurance.
  10. 10. Production Schedule.5:00pm: Set-Up Decorations and registration table.6:30pm: Registration Table set up and ready for attendees to sign in.7:00pm: Registration for Take Flight officially begins.7:00pm: Cocktails & Mingling7:15pm: Hors d’Oeuvres Served7:30pm: Emcee Larry Bitner Introduces the Evening7:40pm: Faculty Announce and Congratulate each of the Program Specific Awards 7:40pm: Michael Scott International Business Scholarship 7:43pm: Norris and Marilyn Walker Scholarship (Bachelor Applied Business: International Commerce) 7:46pm: Commisso Family Scholarship 7:49pm: Niagara Area Business Women’s Network 7:52pm: Chartered Life Underwriters Bursary 7:55pm: Business Link Bursary 7:58pm: Canadian Federation of University Women- Laura Sabia Award 8:01pm: Dennis Glen Letwin Memorial Scholarship 8:04pm: HRPAN Bryan Dowling Scholarship 8:07pm: Norris and Marilyn Walker Scholarship (Business Administration: International Business) 8:10pm: GM of Canada Limited Scholarship 8:13pm: Norris and Marilyn Walker Scholarship (Business Administration: Operations Management) 8:16pm: BiNational Education Fund 8:19pm: Norris and Marilyn Walker Scholarship (Business: Sales and Marketing) 8:21pm: Ellie Burbidge Memorial Bursary8:25pm: Hors D’Oeuvres Served and Opportunity to Freshen Drinks8:40pm: Donors Announce and Congratulate each of the Program Non-Specific Awards 8:40pm: Royal Canadian Legion Branch #4 Welland Scholarship 8:43pm: Bonnie Rose Scholarship 8:45pm: Grantham High School Alumni Award 8:48pm: Rotary Club of St. Catharines Scholarship 8:51pm: Tom Gauld Bursary 8:54pm: Wills Family Bursary8:57pm: Campus Living Centres Award9:00pm: Cocktails & Mingling Opportunity for Donors and Attendees9:30pm: Recep- tion Tear DownBegins
  11. 11. Critical Path.
  12. 12. Budget: Option A .
  13. 13. Budget: Option A .
  14. 14. Budget: Option B .
  15. 15. Budget: Option B .
  16. 16. Meet the Planners.Casey Farley is currently enrolled in the Event Management Post-Graduate CertificateProgram, she has also earned her degree in Tourism Management- Business Development atNiagara College. She currently holds the role of Co-chairperson for The Many Hands Projectand is the Food & Beverage Coordinator for her fundraising group, Frosted. After graduation,she hopes to travel before settling in California to work as an independent event planner.Shannon Gaskell recently moved to the Niagara region from Montreal, Quebec where shegraduated from Concordia University with a double major in Journalism & Philosophy. Herpassion for non-profit work prompted her decision to attend Niagara College in thePost-Graduate Event Management Certificate Program. She is the Chairperson and Secretaryof the School of Hospitality Awards Celebration and the Finance Coordinator for her fundrais-ing group, Bro Fest. She hopes to obtain her certification as a Certified Fundraising Executive(CFRE) in the coming years and use her credentials and work experience to ascend the corpo-rate echelons and ultimately become the director of a non-profit organization.Kristen George is a graduate with a BA Honours in Communication Studies from Wilfrid LaurierUniversity in Waterloo, Ontario. Currently a student in the Event Management Post GraduateCertificate Program at Niagara College, she enjoys event marketing and currently holds theposition as the Marketing Coordinator for the School of Hospitality Awards Celebration and isthe Logistics Coordinator for her fundraising group, Many Minds for Many Hands. She hopes totake flight into the realm of corporate event planning and then spread her entrepreneurialwings starting her own event planning business with her sister. Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives. — Socrates
  17. 17. Put yourself in a state of mind where you say to yourself, "Here is an opportunity for me to celebrate like never before, my own power, my own ability to get myself to do whatever is necessary." —Martin Luther King, Jr.Lesa Holmes recently graduated from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario with a BAHonours in English Literature and Psychology. Her passion for charitable work earned her therole of Chairperson for The Many Hands Project. She also occupies the role of FinanceCoordinator & Secretary in her fundraising group, Saddle Up For Many Hands. Her ambition totransform her passion for charity into a career planning events in the non-profit sector is whatmotivated her to enrol at Niagara College in the Post-Graduate Event Management CertificateProgram.Amelia Cornelio Peralta holds a BA in Hospitality Management from the Estoril SuperiorInstitute for Tourism and Hospitality Studies (ESHTE) in Lisbon, Portugal. She has experienceworking for catering companies in Portugal and in hotels in Spain, Portugal as well as in hernative Dominican Republic. Amelia`s current position is the Logistics Coordinator for The ManyHands Project and is the Logistics & Decor Coordinator for Frosted. Amelia would like tocombine her passions for the hospitality and event planning industry into a successful careerby coordinating events in hotels and increasing her work experience at an international level,by studying and workingKaitlyn MacDonald graduated from Niagara College in 2010 with a diploma in HospitalityManagement – Hotels & Restaurants. Currently, she holds the role of Sponsorship Coordinatorfor the School of Hospitality Awards Celebration and is the Marketing Coordinator for Frosted.Native to the region, she hopes to parlay her knowledge of the area into a successfulfundraising career in the non-profit sector.