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Directions For Setting Up Cps And Preparing Lessons Final Cut


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Directions For Setting Up Cps And Preparing Lessons Final Cut

  1. 1. Directions for Setting up, Preparing Lessons, and Engaging with CPS A. Create a new CPS database 1. Open CPS from the desktop icon. The CPS Open or Create New CPS Database window appears. 2. Choose Create a new CPS File. 3. Click OK. The New CPS File dialog box opens. 4. Make sure you save the file for easy retrieval (desktop or My Documents). B. Create a Class and Add Students 1. Click Prepare tab. 2. Click Classes and Students tab. 3. Click on and click class. 4. Click on K-12 and click Next. Name your class. Click Next 2 times. Click Done. 5. Click on the name of your class. Click on and click student. 6. Press Enter on your computer to add as many students as you need to. 7. Click on each student to change the first name and last name fields. 8. Issue each student a clicker number. (Check the numbers on the remotes, as they don’t always start from 1) C. Import ExamView Tests 1. Under the Prepare tab, click on Lessons and Assignments. 2. Click Add Files. 3. Locate the ExamView files on the Staff Drive that you want to import. It must end in .tst or .bnk. a. ExamView math .bnk files are under the Student Drive ExamView folder Math folder b. The .tst files for Science are in the Staff Drive ExamView folder Science folder Science Assessments 3-5
  2. 2. D. Set up the CPS Receiver and Test Clickers 1. Plug in the CPS Receiver to an available USB port on your computer. 2. CPS should automatically detect your receiver. If it has not, click Settings Delivery Options Receiver Tab Detect CPS Receiver button 3. It should alert you when the receiver has been detected. Click OK. 4. Select the Engage tab Attendance tab Click Take Attendance 5. A window will open, click Start. Use any clicker to test. That number square should turn dark blue. E. Engage a Test in CPS 1. Click Engage tab Lessons and Assignments 2. Click in the box of the test you want. 3. Adjust the title, type, and make sure the class you want is highlighted. (clicking the drop down menu will give you options) 4. If you want grades, click the advanced tab and click the options you want. . 5. Click and test prior to teaching. 6. The Engage toolbar will appear and give you options for engaging. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1. Questions: Choose any of the pre-written questions in your lesson. 2. Next (#1): This constantly changing menu button indicates which question number is next in chronological order. Click here to put up the next question.
  3. 3. 3. Verbal: Choose from a drop-down menu of question types to ask questions on-the fly and record performance data. 4. Chalkboard: Upload and draw images while delivering on-the-fly questions. 5. Options: Opens the Delivery Options window to select options. 6. Engage Toolbar Handle: Click and drag on this icon to move the Engage toolbar anywhere on your screen. 7. Class: Randomly select a student from your active class list or take attendance. 8. Charting window: View performance data in a chart. 9. Exit CPS: Save your results up to this point and shut down CPS entirely. 10. Close: End the delivery session and return to the main CPS window. F. Accessing Reports 1. Click on the Report tab. 2. Click on the Session Title you would like a Report. 3. Click on Generate. 4. Select or deselect students you want the Report to include. 5. Select your Report and click Preview. 6. Print the Report or close out of it.