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Questionnaire results


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Questionnaire results

  2. 2. PURPOSE AND AIMSThe aim of this questionnaire was to find out exactly who mytarget audience was and what they would like to see in amagazine specifically targeted at them. This presentationshows questions asked and results. I chose to create a questionnaire as my primaryresearch as it’s a quick method to gather quantitative dataand is easy to view and to put into pie charts and bar charts. The results give me a clear view of what my targetaudience want to see in the music magazine and will help mein the future when creating and designing the magazine sothat my audience will want to purchase the magazine.
  3. 3. AUDIENCE PROFILE 1The results from my GENDERquestionnaire suggest that mytarget audience are 16-20 yearold females. The fact that most 31%of my target audience are Malefemale would suggest that I Female 69%need to make my magazineslightly more feminine but I willbe careful when doing this as Idon’t want to completely Ageexclude males from wanting to 14purchase the magazine. Also as 12 No. Of People 10the age range is 16-20 year olds 8I think the language style 6 4should be informal and 2 0humorous. Under 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 Over 45 16 Age Ranges
  4. 4. AUDIENCE PROFILE 2 Employment Status As you can see most of target 12 audience are students attendingNo. Of People 10 8 college, this suggests that they might 6 4 have a small disposable 2 0 income, therefore I need to take this Student Unemployed Part-Time Full-Time Retired Employed Employed into consideration when deciding the Town Of Residence price of the magazine. Also most of 12 them live in Harlow or very close toNo. Of People 10 8 6 so this suggest that I need to sell the 4 2 magazine in central Harlow area as 0 most of my target audience would be able to access it. When it comes to artists and possible advertisements I need to consider using artists that Hobbies/Interests 7 play guitar or advertise about an upNo.Of People 6 5 and coming festival in order to attract 4 3 2 my audience because the results are 1 0 telling me that these are their interests.
  5. 5. MEDIA PURCHASINGHABITS The results show that most of Place Of Purchase my target audience would go to a supermarket to buy a music 19% magazine so therefore I would Supermarket WHS Smith try to put my magazine in a 19% 62% Newsagents supermarket so that most of my target audience would have access to it, also, the result show that most of my audience buy a music magazine once a Frequency Of Purchase month so I need to take this into 0% 13% 6% consideration when deciding on None Once A Month how many times a month to 25% Twice A Month release the magazine because if 56% Three Times Month Four Or More I was to release it four times a month I would only get people buying once or twice a month so it would be a waste of money to release it four times a month.
  6. 6. MEDIA PURCHASINGHABITS 2 My target audience thought Price Range 0% 0% that the magazine should be Under £2 released twice a month at the 31% £2-£2.50 £2.51-£3 price range of £2 - £2.50. I 69% £3 or more think this a fair price range as most of my target audience are students with not a lot of Frequency Of disposable income, so if they Release was to buy my magazine 13% 0% Once A Month Twice A Month religiously every month the12% Three Times most they would be spending 75% Month Four Or More would be £5 which isn’t a ridiculous amount of money.
  7. 7. PERSONAL PREFERENCES Gift Ideas The results of the questionnaire Itunes Voucher suggest that most of my target 31%50% Earphones audience would prefer a chance 19% Chance to Win Gig Tickets to win gig tickets as a prize included when buying the magazine and they would also prefer a black, white and red Colour Scheme colour scheme. I need to take all this into account if I want to 19% 19% A 0% B attract my audience and get them C 62% D wanting to buy the magazine. Although a black, white and red colour scheme may not be too suited to the genre.
  8. 8. PERSONAL PREFERENCES 2 Magazine Preference To see what magazine preference my 6% audience has, I chose to present 3 25% A magazines, each with a different B 69% C image, colour scheme and layout. Once they chose their favorite, I then asked why this was, options included: colour scheme, layout, image or design. The results suggested that they all liked magazine A the best because of the Why Is This? 0% colour scheme, therefore, when Colour Scheme designing my magazine I would like to25% 50% Layout make mine similar to magazine with a Image25% Design similar colour scheme to ensure I attract the right audience.
  9. 9. PERSONAL PREFERENCES 3Lastly, I asked what featuremy audience would like tosee included within the Feature Preferencemagazine, the majority 0% 0%said they would prefer a 19%story about a new artists Biographybackground, I feel this is a 44% A Day In The Life Of… Concert Reviewgood idea as it would Artists Backgroundshow off my writing skills 37% Chart Reviewand would be moreexciting and interesting toread than a chart review.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION & PROPOSALSAfter reviewing my results I got to see that most of my audience were femalestudents, therefore, I need to make sure that when I decide on the price of mymagazine that it is not too much of a high price as realistically none of my target willbe able to afford it, I think the maximum price would be £2.50. Also most of my target audience are from ages 16-20 years old so whenwriting my double-page spread I need to take into consideration of how formal thelanguage style is, as stereotypically, most 16-20 year olds don’t talk very formallyand would find it boring to read something that did. I hope to include advertisements of the latest festivals and concerts as it iswhat my target audience are interested in and if the magazine was to go on sale, Iwould make sure it is accessible in the Harlow area as most of my target audienceare able to get there or already live there. I also believe that the magazine should be released, maximum, twice amonth, this is because of the results and what the audience thought it should be butalso because if it was released four times a month the audience wouldn’t buy it asthey don’t have that much spare money to spend on magazines. The free gift I would like to include would be the gig tickets as it is theaudience preference and one of my target audiences top interest wasfestivals, therefore this would attract a lot of my audience to buy my magazine. When creating my music magazine, I will make it similar to NME magazine as itis a preference of mine but the results suggests that the audience like this one bestand I will make sure the colour scheme is similar to black, white and red as I amdebating whether or not this is too boring for the Indie genre.