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Front cover development diary


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Front cover development diary

  2. 2. In order to make the text for the masthead to stand out and catch the audiences eye I right clicked on the layer, then clicked on blending options which brings up the pop up to the left. This tool allows you to put a drop shadow, inner shadow, glows and contouring to make the text look a little more 3D. I used this to obviously make it stand out but too also make itlook a little ‘edgier’ and my target audience listen to indie/ rock music, therefore stereotypically like the ‘edgier’ look. Linkingin with Branston and Staffords stereotypes theory (2010) which states that media gives us a way of imagining particular groups, identities and situations, the font I have used and the colour I have used are ones found in a lot of indie music magazines that I researched, therefore this means that by using the font and making it a little 3D I am appealing to a particular group of people. This group of people arestereotypically going to be found in my target audience as they listen to indie music and all do the same things. As this is the masthead I made sure it was larger in font size than the cover lines, I also made sure that you could clearly see the title by doing the floor test, in making sure you can see the masthead from the floor it means that you will be able to see the magazine from a reasonable distance which means that it will be able to catch the audiences eye from afar.
  3. 3. To make the circle I used the ellipse tool, once you click on it you can draw whatever size circle you want. To insert text in the circle I clicked on the Text icon which then allows you to draw a little box that will let you type in, by doing this I created an insert which you conventionallysee one on the front cover of a magazine, I also placed it to the left side of the front cover as on a shelf in a shop you only usually see the left side of the magazine. I included it to catch the readers eye and it will also make them want to buy the magazine as they have the chance towin something. It is also advertising tickets to a festival, reason being is that my target audience like to attend festivals so therefore this would appeal to them more. Relating to Branston and Staffords theory on stereotypes, by advertising the chance to go to a festival I have excluded people who don’t like festivals which means I have created acertain group of people that identify themselves with my magazine andfeel like they belong reading this magazine. The insert is a circle shape as conventionally inserts are either star shaped or in a circle.
  4. 4. To draw the box I used the rectangle tool, by clicking on it the tool allows to draw a rectangle whatever size and where you want and then to insert text I clicked on the text tool which allows you to put text wherever you want. This created astrapline which I placed at the top of my magazine front cover, Iwanted to make one as its an obvious magazine convention, by creating one it makes it look more realistic, again it advertises festival line up as my target audience like festivals. I also changed the words reading and V Fest to red to make them stand out and to also fit in with the whole magazines colour scheme as throughout the pages the main colour used is red, this is so the audience will familiarize the colour red with my magazine.