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Evaluation – question_3


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Evaluation – question_3

  1. 1. Evaluation –question 3What kind of media distribution would distribute your mediaproduct?Sam Gallacher-Bright
  2. 2. IPC MEDIA• Engage with 26 million UK adults, 58% being women and 42%men• Have three publishing companies which are IPC Connect, IPCInspire and IPC Southbank• Have worked with NME and Uncut music magazines
  3. 3. Reasons why• One big reason why they would distribute my magazine is becausethey work with other music magazines NME and UNCUT which areof the same genre which means they have experience in working inthe indie music environment• My magazine is similar to the genre of NME which means that IPCmedia could get NME to advertise my magazine in NME’s• They are well known so even though its my magazines first issue itcould get more publicity through IPC Media• They reach 58% of 26 million UK females which is good for mymagazine as 70% of my target audience are females so this wouldmean that most of my target audience would be able to read oreven just see my magazine being advertised• IPC Media specialise more in the magazine media, meaning thatthey have a lot of experience dealing with magazines where asBauer help produce TV Channels, radio etc.• They mainly target people in the UK where as Bauer media is quiteglobal, this is to my advantage as my target audience are basedmainly in the UK