Summer ATV Map (Color Photo)


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ATV Recreation Map

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Summer ATV Map (Color Photo)

  1. 1. Oneida County ATV Maps can be acquired at: Oneida County Forestry Department 45°33'30quot;N Lincoln County NOISY CREEK DR eek nt Cr HILD WOODFORD EB Oneida County LAKE RAND ` I Wisconsin River esce CA DR s I RD M Cr SPRING CREEK DR PT k No 45°33'0quot;N isey C ree EN µ ¤ ? R Hildebrand ATV Routes & Trails D LINE RD ROGERS DR 715-369-6140 Lake WA h I GAS THEIS RD R OD D WO RD Lost Lake RD SQU TE TS G A IG H ek THEIS RD 45°32'30quot;N W THEIS RD re HE h I quaw C LILY LAKE RD AW OLD CO A SOUTH Trout Creek KLADE RD L S Squaw AK OLD CO A ROLLIE RD Lake Sp ` I BOWMAN RD rin ER g Open to ATV use 45°32'0quot;N Tavern/Restaurant Public Roads Lakes & Rivers D Cr k DR E E NG TA ´ ! ASPEN RD ee CR P RI N K Hilts D Gas Private Roads Streams ST L L PR GI Summer ATV Trail Lake HI S DR HI EL ON N M ¸ ! L DU Wisconsin River N LT U N E ` I Capitola RA S Parking LEWIS LN FOX RANCH RD Road open to ATV 45°31'30quot;N WD Lake LA B MAIL ROUTE RD IC j ! R Fawn K K H 0 0.5 1 2 3 4 5 E Lake A Lily Lake N RD LILY LAKE RD HILTS LAKE RD HARRISON NIBLER RD M LAKE RD MUD RD Miles Round ¤ ? ` I FLOWAGE RD Reno Lake Lake BOATLANDING SPRING CREEK DR Mud The information depicted on this map is a compilation of public record A Lake CREEK AV PICKEREL CALLAH 45°31'0quot;N Address: GROUSE RD RENO CREEK RD Harrison Flowage information including aerial photography and Sother base maps. No TERRY RD SCHOOL FOREST RD NORWAY LN T Att: Scott M. Galetka Pickerel E RD DAM RD warranty is made, express or implied, as to theER W accuracy of the RIVER RD Lake Lake Land Information and Conservation Department OLD 63 Clara V e Creek RI Lake information used. DR MOUNTAIN The data layers are a representation of Mequithy Pin 1106 East 8th Street ek KLAVER RD C North anch re Br current data to the best of our knowledge and may contain errors. Merrill, WI 54452 EXTROM ne 45°30'30quot;N ch Pi c I NORTH FOREST Phone: (715) 536-0476 RD ´ ! FARM RD SAND HILL DR It is not a legally recorded map and cannot be substituted for PINE LAKE RD Abel DO N Bran TOMPTABO ` I TIMBER SOUTH PINE RD NORTH PINE RD E-mail: Lake field-verified information. Map may be reproduced with permission DROTT RD LAKE RD ON RD HENRICH RD TAVES RD s I VE L Bass Lake PIC KER E North L CR EEK c I of the G.I.S. Division in the Lincoln County Land Information and RD Extrom Lake RD RD Copyright © 2006 LEGACY LN Pine Lake BLU E H ER ES 45°30'0quot;N Conservation Department. Errors should be reported to the address, HOEBE RD DAYSPRING CT Produced 03-30-2006 OR IA L DR e M ker WIND SONG RD Big P in Cr e ek JO HN 'S MEM Pi el C Clark Lake JA ` I g I c reek e-mail or phone provided. SERENITY WAY E K HUMMINGBIRD LN ` I LA ` I