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What have we learnt (guildford)


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What have we learnt (guildford)

  1. 1. After our trip to Guildford (7th -11th Dec. 2011) Proyecto Comenius Travel Broadens the mind. Let’s travel together! 2011/2013 Colegio San Gregorio Aguilar de Campoo
  2. 2. What have we learnt? (Rebeca Martínez)To understand othercultures, other ways ofthinking, acting and understandingof teaching and education.We have opened our minds todifferent working methods. Ours isnot necessarily the best,there aremany ways to reach students andall are acceptable.
  3. 3. What have we learnt? (Rebeca Martínez) • To share experiences with people of our own profession, give each other advice ... • There are other ways to distribute the school time and space that has nothing to do with our daily, various times, classes communicated with two or three teachers per class, and so on.
  4. 4. What have we learnt? (Carmen Pérez)Our trip to Guildford with Nubi helped us to have a different outlook in many aspectsand in point of fact to broaden our minds. As English teachers we have travelled many times to English speaking countries, nevertheless this time was surprisingly different. The way that the Guildford community welcomed us was extraordinary; the school staff and students, the families that opened their homes for us to stay, even the local institutions created a warm welcome and made us feel very comfortable. The activities planned for us gave us the opportunity to be something else than plain tourist but to be real travelers and find ways, manners, even places that only locals can
  5. 5. What have we learnt? (Carmen Pérez)The interaction with the other collaborating countries of the project was veryinteresting. We are people from different countries but we all have the samepassion, children’s education. We had long talks about the differences and similaritiesin our cultures, educative systems, school organization and methodologies. Theatmosphere was very friendly and lively, and it allowed us to have a little peak at whatthis project can bring to our communities.
  6. 6. What have we learnt? (Carmen Pérez) The time spent at the Holy Trinity Pewley Down School was great, the staff, especially Helen Pronger and the Head teacher, Richard Rowe, made us feel welcome and very fortunate to share that special time with them. The school was ready to finish the term and it was fantastic to be able to see the special activities planned for the occasion; the way children worked with topics and seeing the finished result at the end of the term, the wonderful play, Alice in Wonderland, were all the students took part in one way or another.
  7. 7. What have we learnt? (Carmen Pérez)Even when you are doing your best and with the best intention, especially ineducation, it is great to be able to step back and have something so different tocompare your work with. Even when we know that we are different cultureswe can always take what we think it can work with our system and improveit, education is alive and we need to be ready to open our minds and be able totry and change.Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this great project!
  8. 8. What have we learnt? (Javier Ramos)I have learnt the different Christmas traditions of ourComenius Partners:• Our Italian partners told us about the leyend of the famous dessert THE PANETTONE, which is very famous in Christmas.• Our Turkish partners don’t celebrate Christmas because they are muslims so they sang us a song to wish us a Happy New Year.• Our Polish partner invited us to sing a Christmas Carol in polish, but it is very famous in the whole world. It was SILENT NIGHT, Cicha noc (In Polish)
  9. 9. What have we learnt? (Javier Ramos)• The Islandic teacher told us about a monster who plays with children during Christmas. Her name was Grilla.• We could taste one of the most famouspudding in England, the Christmas pudding.• And the two Spanish teachers (Rebeca y Carmen)told a story about the Christmas Star. They told it in English and Spanish
  10. 10. Thank you,Holy Trinity Pewley Down School.