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Trabajo nubi viaje a arija


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Trabajo nubi viaje a arija

  1. 1. By Etna Maestro Bedoya 5º/6ºProyecto comeniusTravel broadens the mind. Let`s traveltogether.Colegio San Gregorio La Compasión Aguilar de Campoo
  2. 2. Nubi My parents Tamara ( my sister)Andrés ( my brother) Etna
  3. 3. These two weeks I have gonewith my family to Arija from14th to 30th of July.
  4. 4. -First we went to the sand´s factory.-Then we went to see some Distillings. -Next we went to play billards. -Finally we came back home .
  5. 5. TRANSPORT DISTANCE time BY CAR 55`1 km 54 minutes 10 hours and BY FOOT 51`6 km 49 minutes IN PUBLIC 3 hours and 55`1TRANSPORT 14 minutes
  6. 6. • Shorts• Sweaters• Camera• Trainers• T-shirt• Tracksuits• Cap• Sunglasses• Towels
  7. 7. Data from Arija: Country: Spain Population: 178 habitants Altitude: 845 metres Language: Spanish Capital: Burgos Climate: Cold winters and hot summers
  8. 8. I have learnt to have fun with my familyand have fun in the water, and with my new friends.
  10. 10. Extractors and factory Arija swamp located in the Ebro