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Nubi travels to segovia (1)


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Nubi travels to segovia (1)

  1. 1. NUBI TRAVELS TO SEGOVIA By Jesús Castillo Pablo Proyecto Comenius. Travel broadens the mind. Let´s travel together. 2011-2013 Colegio San Gregorio Aguilar De Campoo
  2. 2. NUBI TRAVELS TOSEGOVIAThis month Nubi travels to segovia.In the catedral
  3. 3. TRIP PARTICIPANTS• From Canduela: my fader , my syster , my broder , my mader , and my.• From Mabe: Begoña , and Nacho.• From Santander: Ruth
  4. 4. WHAT ARE WE GOINGTO DO ?• First go to the hotel.• Then choose a room• Later, Rosa look after us at the hotel .• And them we going to sleep.• The nex day we gou to the castle and to the catedral.• And in the afternon we gou to Canduela.
  5. 5. Mean of Time DistancetransportBy car 3h 26min 272´7 kmBy foot 2días 2h 246´2 kmBy public 4h 272´7 kmtransport
  6. 6. MY LUGAGE• A trausers• A tshirt• A camera• A boot• A shcks
  7. 7. WHAT HAVE WE LEARN?• Meet the heritage and culture from another village• And have fun with my family
  8. 8. THE END