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Nubi at valladolid


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Nubi at valladolid

  1. 1. NUBI AT VALLADOLID (CASTILLA Y LEON)By Casandra Sánchez 5º B Proyecto ComeniusTravel Broadens the mind. Let’s travel together! 2012-2013 Colegio San Gregorio Aguilar de Campoo
  2. 2. Starting point Starting point: Aguilar de Campoo Dates: 24th to 26th Why? To visit my father.
  3. 3. TRIP PARTICIPANTS WHO?• My Dady• My Sister• Nubi• Casandra
  4. 4. NUBI WITH MY AND MY FAMILYMy family known Nubi.My family is very happybecause Nubi is comingwith us.
  5. 5. timetransports kilometresBY CAR 142 Km 1 h 37 minBY BUS 142 Km 6h 17 minBY FOOT 150 Km 1 day 7h
  6. 6. What we are going to do?• First we are going to see Valladolid• Then we will go to celebrate thecarnival.
  7. 7. INFORMATIONValladolid WikipediaValladolid information
  8. 8. Mi luggage•Boots•Pants•Ski clothing•Schoolbackpack•Underwear• Shoes
  10. 10. • We have learned to see and visit monuments.• We have learned to help to the family relatives.• We learned to listen to each other.
  11. 11. In the church of St. Paul
  12. 12. The end