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Nubi at nanclares de la oca


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Published in: Sports
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Nubi at nanclares de la oca

  1. 1. Nubi at Nanclares de la OcaBy Mónica AparicioProyecto ComeniusTravel Broadens the mindLet’s travel together!2012-2013Colegio San GregorioAguilar de Campoo
  2. 2. Nubi travel’s to NanclaresThis summer Iwent to asummer campin Nanclares dela Oca from the 30th of June tothe 14th of July
  3. 3. Trip participants∗ From Aguilar de Campoo:∗ Nubi.∗ Mónica (me)
  4. 4. What we are going to do?∗First we are going to Barajas airport to accompany my brother.∗Then I’m going to go to a summer camp in Nanclares.
  5. 5. PLANNING THE ROOT FROM AGUILAR TO NANCLARES TRANSPORT DISTANCE TIMEBy car 217 km 2 hours and 8 minutesBy foot 150km 31 hoursIn public 217km 5 hourstransport The best option is by car.
  6. 6. INFORMATION∗Nanclares de la Oca
  7. 7. PhotosIn Madrid airport
  8. 8. In Nanclares
  9. 9. THE END