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HTPD Herald


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This is the newspaper written by the students of Holy Trinity Pewley Down School in Guildford for the eTwinning Projecto: The Mass Media in our daily lifes

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HTPD Herald

  1. 1. HTPD Herald December 2016 Issue 245/37 £1.20 The Sound of Music Heard Coming from Holy Trinity It is the Winter season and everyone is hyped for the Christmas Play. The play this year is going to be The Sound of Mu- sic. The director is Helen Campbell, a year 6 teacher said that the play, ‘is coming togeth- er.’ Main characters include The Captain (Ethan Cashmore), 7 children, 4 nuns, Maria (Martha). A group of boys are dressing up as nuns for a dance, Nacho, one of these dancers said, ‘It will be very embarrass- ing!’ The dance is being choreographed by Maggie, a year 4 teacher who is very talent- ed at dance. Children in Year 6 will be doing the lighting and sound for the play. All of the children take part as every year group has a song to sing on stage. I am an officer in the play and me and my friend (another soldier) are hav- ing great fun Reported by Tanmay Kumar Storm Angus Batters Britain Recently, England has been affected by a storm, named Storm Angus. It is the first named storm of the season. Every storm we have is names, there is a boy’s name that begins with an A, then it goes to a girl’s name beginning with a B etc etc. Storm Angus had gusts up to 84mph! Over 1000 proper- ties in the West of England were left without power. Storm Angus has also left flooding, even leaving cars underwater! Reported by Megan HB & Tabitha HP Local Businesses Thriving as the Search for the Perfect Christmas Gift Begins The streets are frantic with shoppers and stalls as Christ- mas comes closer. Everybody is busily rushing around as they search for the perfect present to give to a loved one. Shopkeepers arrange beautiful displays of Christmas trees, stockings and presents in their shop windows as they take advantage of all the extra shoppers. Guildford has started its late night shopping, so every Thursday the shops are open until 9.00pm. There are already a few Christmas discounts – the Christmas sales are just beginning… Reported by Amy Woodhouse & AmberEllwood Check our article on P.2 all about the Guidford’s Christmas lights!
  2. 2. Town Celebrates as Christmas Lights are Switched On The Christmas lights are one of Guildford's main events of the year. Around two –three thousand people attend! Whenever you enter Guildford when the lights are on, the atmos- phere is amazing and exciting. I went to see the lights being switched on and as soon as I stepped into town with my family, it was fantastic. There were carts with people selling glow sticks and food - I had a delicious hot dog. My friends couldn’t go but apparently they could still hear the count down it was so loud! I had to dress in many layers as it was so cold. One of the greatest things about Guildford at Christmas is all the shops are decorated with snow. There are people rushing all around the place to get their Christmas shopping done. When the countdown started, the atmosphere became even more intense. The crowd count- ed down from ten down to one and then the lights flickered into life. All of a sudden, fire- works were shooting everywhere and the dark night sky was filled with colour. It was almost blinding. Everyone was cheering and laughing and the street was filled with sound of cele- brations. The Christmas lights being switched on is great fun and I will continue to go every year. Personally, the best thing about it for me was hearing the chanting and seeing the spirit of Christmas right in the centre of the town. Reported by Charlie Larkin Firework Frenzy: A Lively crowd gathers as Christmas starts with a bang in Guildford’s iconic High Street. Festive Fair Fun at HTPD The Christmas fair is always buzzing with life here at Holy Trini- ty. We have all sorts of activities varying from Santa’s grotto to bis- cuit decorating ad or course, many stalls. They sell mince pies and mulled wine for adults – a Christmas tradition! My favourite stall was the popcorn one where they had a gigantic pop- corn machine and the popcorn was yummy. The busiest stall was the Jolly Jar stall where you buy a jar for £1 and it is full of sweets and maybe a toy or two. The highlight of the evening was when Clare announced the winners of the Raffle – the grand prize was a mini ipad! After the Raffle win- ners are announced, the fair officially ends for another year! Reported by Anastasia Negus