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Stepping Into the Future


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Published in: Education
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Stepping Into the Future

  1. 1. Stepping Into the Future iPads 101
  2. 2. iTunes - Management Individual iTunes  One class iTunes accounts for each iPad account Allows for greater  Participate in Apple’s differentiation among Volume Purchase apps Program to buy apps in Better if managing a bulk at a discounted small number of iPads rate  Allows teacher to sync multiple iPads at once
  3. 3. Setting up Ipads Create iTunes account(s) Purchase desired apps (either through VPP or individually) When students find additional, relevant apps, re-sync iPads to iTunes account and update Perhaps establish a day - once a month - for all iPads to be updated?
  4. 4. Enabling Teacher Controls
  5. 5. Student Responsibilities Charging iPads Maintaining updates to apps (via app store) Researching available apps, finding educational value Using iPads for educational purposes Syncing iPads with iTunes
  6. 6. Students at Work
  7. 7. Printing Printopia - download software to MAC computer, enables all Apple devices to print Email or share via iWork (Apple Suite only) AirPrint - requires newer printers that have AirPrint capability Printing Apps (varied success)
  8. 8. Classroom Uses - Literacy Students create, write, publish texts in a variety of apps Access to internet for research and online discussions (wikis, etc) Voice recorders, dictation programs, books on “tape,” digital books Apps: StoryKit, PuppetPals, Toontastic, Doodle Buddy, Kid Animation, Strip Design, Comic Strip, Audible, Dragon Dictation
  9. 9. Classroom Uses - Social Studies/Science Research, learn to use reliable internet resources iTunes University Apps: World Atlas HD, US Geography by Discovery, National Geographic GeoBee, National Geographic Magazine, Solar Walk 3D, Star Walk, World Fact Book
  10. 10. Classroom Uses - Math Free calculator app: Calculator 4 Numbers (Mac spreadsheet program) Fact practice Apps: Number Line, Number Line Wizard, Rocket Math, Mad Math, Fraction Basics, Everday Math Games, Fractions App
  11. 11. A Beginning Picture Book… QuickTime™ an d a decompressor are need ed to see this picture .